15th NTRCA Exam 2018

15th NTRCA Exam 2018

১৫তম শিক্ষক নিবন্ধন পরীক্ষা-২০১৮

বিষয়: ইংরেজি (ঐচ্ছিক) 

পদের নাম: সহকারী শিক্ষক (ইংরেজি সাধারণ/ বিষয়-ভাষা) 

[দ্রষ্টব্য: ডান পাশের সংখ্যা প্রশ্নের পূর্ণমান জ্ঞাপক।]

ইউটিউবে ভিডিও লেকচার দেখুনঃ

সেট: X

বিষয় কোড: ৩০২

সময়: ৩ ঘণ্টা; পূর্ণমান: ১০০

1. Fill in the blanks with suitable articles: 1×5=5

A university plays (a) ——– unique role in shaping (b) ——— man’s life. It gives (c) —— man not only a good career but also (d) —— enlightened mind. In fact, (e) ——– educated person should have a noble mind.

2 . Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions: 1×5=5

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(a) They will not be excused—–coming late.

(b) He is weak—– realising the impacts of smoking.

(c) He deals —–rice.

(d) He died——overeating.

(e) He burst —— laughing at my joke.

3. Use the right form of verbs in the brackets: 1×5=5

(a) Run fast lest you (miss) the train.

(b) Urmi is used to (to swim) in the river.

(c) They play just (begin) .

(d) It is three years since he (leave) his village.

(e) If I had enough money I (help) the poor.

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4. Correct the following sentences: 1×5=5

(a) The law and order condition dition are deteriorating day by day.

(b) Why he went to Dohar? 

(c) Happiness consists of contentment.

(d) He said that he will come the next day.

(e) Rita prefers tea from coffee.

5. Transform the following sentences as directed: 1×5=5

(a) Please help me. (Passive) 

(b) He exercises in order to keep his body fit. (Complex) 

(c) Language plays a very vital role in our life. (Interrogative) 

(d) Very few fishes are a tasteful as the Hilsha. (Comparative) 

(e) They are our best friends. (Negative) 

6. Make sentences with the following phrases: 1×5=5

(a) A hard nut to crack  (b) Maiden speech  (c) In full swing   (d) Lay behind  (e) Nip in the bud

7. Complete the following sentences: 1×5=5

(a) It is high time —————-.

(b) She wishes she —————-.

(c) No sooner had we reached —————-.

(d) He as well as his brother—————-.

(e) He studies medicine so that —————-.

8. Change the form of speech: 5

“Prince of the Faithful”, replied the vizier, “They are doubtless a company of drunkards. If we go in, I fear that some harm may befall you.” “We must go in,” insisted the Caliph, “You shall invent some pretext for our entrance.”

9. Translate the following into English: 10

জাপানীরা পরিশ্রমী। জাপান প্রাকৃতিক সম্পদের দিক থেকে ধনী নয়। শিক্ষিত ও দক্ষ জনগোষ্ঠী তার বড় সম্পদ। শুধু পরিশ্রমের মাধ্যমে জাপান উন্নতি করেছে। জাপান আমাদের দেশের জন্য একটি দৃষ্টান্ত। 

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10. Write a paragraph on any one of the following: 10

(a) Eve-teasing                     (b) The use of Internet

11. Write a letter to your friend inviting him to  arrange join the study tour that you are going. 10


Write an application to a mobile company for the post of a Marketing Officer with a CV. 

12. Write a report to a national daily about food adulteration in the country. 10

13. Write an essay on any one of the following: 20

(a) Importance of Education (b) Environment Pollution; its causes, effects and probable solution.

Shihabur Rahman
Shihabur Rahman
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