16th NTRCA Exam 2019

16th NTRCA Exam 2019

১৬তম শিক্ষক নিবন্ধন পরীক্ষা-২০১৯

বিষয়: ইংরেজি (ঐচ্ছিক) 

পদের নাম: সহকারী শিক্ষক (ইংরেজি সাধারণ/ বিষয়-ভাষা) 

[দ্রষ্টব্য: ডান পাশের সংখ্যা প্রশ্নের পূর্ণমান জ্ঞাপক।]

ইউটিউবে ভিডিও লেকচার দেখুনঃ

সেট: R

বিষয় কোড: ৩০২

সময়: ৩ ঘণ্টা; পূর্ণমান: ১০০

1. Fill in the blanks with suitable articles: 1×5=5

(a) ——–educated person is different from (b) ——- uneducated person. © ——- educated are asset for a country. On (d) ——- other hand, (e) ——-uneducated are liabilities.

2. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions: 1×5=5

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(a) His words are void —————–meaning.

(b) A nurse attends —————the patients.

(c) Smoking tells———— health.

(d) Parents should not wink———— their son’s fault.

(e) Jerry was worthy———— praise.

3. Use the right form of verbs in the brackets: 1×5=5

(a) It is high time they (earn) their livelihood.

(b) Ten maunds (be) a heavyweight.

(c) He (return) home just now.

(d) He will get the work (do) in time.

(e) Charity (begin) at home.

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4. Correct the following sentences: 1×5=5

(a) We shall refrain to do it.

(b) You, I and Peaa went to Dhaka.

(c) I like Nazrul’s poetry.

(d) He is a man of part.

(e) He prefers write to read.

5. Transform the following sentences as directed: 1×5=5

(a) Panic seized me. (Passive) 

(b) Give me the whole mango. (Complex) 

(c) He lives in a small apartment. (Compound) 

(d) The legs of the chair are broken. (Active) 

(e) He is too weak to speak. (Complex) 

6. Make sentences with the following phrases: 1×5=5

(a) Look for: (b) Do away with; (c) Drag one’s feet; (d) Neck and crop; (e) Take off.

7. Complete the following sentences: 1×5=5

(a) Everyone should obey———————.

(b) If you don’t start now———————.

(c) Would that he———————.

(d) The sailors’ throats were so dry that they———————.

(e) As he behaved indecently———————.

8. Change the form of speech: 5

“Let us join the party. She has requested us many times. We should respect her.” “No, I will not go. I am not well today. But you may go.” Said Runu.

9. Translate the following into English: 10

ইংরেজি একটি আন্তর্জাতিক ভাষা। সারা পৃথিবীতে শিক্ষিত সমাজে এই ভাষা অতি পরিচিত। ইংরেজি না জানলে আমরা পৃথিবীর উন্নত দেশগুলোর সাথে তাল মিলাতে পারবো না। ইংরেজির মাধ্যমে আমরা আন্তর্জাতিক সম্পর্ক ও ব্যবসা- বাণিজ্য চালিয়ে থাকি।

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10. Write a paragraph on any one of the following: 10

(a) Maintaining of Good Health;        (b) Food Adulteration.

11. Write a letter to your younger brother telling him about the importance of reading newspaper. 10


Write an application along with your resume to the Managing Director of ‘X’ Bank for the post of a Probationary Officer.

12. Write a report for a national daily on Traffic Jam. 10

13. Write an essay on any one of the following: 20

(a) Travelling of Education;

(b) Your Favourite Author.

Shihabur Rahman
Shihabur Rahman
Hey, This is Shihabur Rahaman, B.A (Hons) & M.A in English from National University.


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