17th and 18th Century Non-Fictional Prose Brief Suggestion Session 2018-19 

3rd Year

Session 2018-19

Part – A

1. How are the chaste women?

Ans- Proud of their chastity and can give a man disciplined and routine life.

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2. How is truth revealed?

Ans- Like the bright clear daylight.

3. What is the essay Of Plantation about?

Ans- English colonization in America.

4. What is the Spectators Club?

Ans- A group of men with whom Steele sits and chats most often.

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5. How old is Sir Roger now?

Ans- Fifty-six.

6. Who are the blanks of Society?

Ans- The empty-handed and thoughtless people.

7. Who is John Matthews?

Ans- One of the tenants of Sir Roger.

8. Why is Sir Roger a good churchman?

Ans– Because he is a regular church goer and upholds its rights and privileges.

9. Who is Helen?

Ans- The most beautiful woman of the world.

10. How is a lover compared to Egypt by Cowley?

Ans- He sustains the fate of Egypt but never feels dew of rain.

11. When did the East India company achieve Sovereign rights?

Ans- during the reign of Charles II.

12. What is the more suitable place for love?

Ans- Stage.

13. What is the problem of man with his family?

Ans- His wife and children.

14. What can truth be compared to?

Ans- Pearls.

15. What is meant by plantation in the essay Of Plantation?

Ans– Colonization.

16. What type of reign should be selected for new colonization?

Ans- Uninhabited land.

17. What are the different roles which a wife plays to her husband?

Ans- Mistress, companion and nurse.

18. Is Will Honeycomb young?

Ans– Look much younger than his age.

19. Why did Sir Roger never take care of his dress?

Ans- Because of his disappointment in love.

20. What do you mean by country dance?

Ans- A social dance form in which two or more couples dance together in a set.

21. What do the men of high spirit and big business do with love?

Ans- Keep themselves out of the passion of love.

22. What type of persons live the life of witches?

Ans- Vindictive.

23. What is Pragmatism?

Ans- Practical consideration of a certain things.

24. What is the fate of a married person?

Ans- Wife and children are impediments to great enterprises.

25. Who is the believer of the maxim- A penny saved is a penny got?

Ans- Sir Andrew Freeport.

Ans- Things to be said before Areopagus.

26. Why do people want avoid truth?

Ans- Because of their natural but corrupt love for lies itself.

27. Who was the editor of The Spectator?

Ans- Richard Steele.

28. What satire did Cowley write during this period?

Ans- The Puritan and Papist.

29. What is aggregation?

Ans- The root of sublimity.

30. When did Burke deliver his famous speech on Foxs East India Bill?

Ans- 1783.

31. How many kinds of love are mentioned by Bacon in Of Love?

Ans- Nuptial, friendly and wanton.

32. What is Soho Square?

Ans- A Square in Soho, London.

33. What is Semantics?

Ans- The study of the meaning of linguistic expressions.

34. What happens to the single person?

Ans- They come to an end of their lives with themselves because they think the future time impertinent.

35. What is sovereign good of human nature?

Ans- The love for truth or seeking after truth.

36. What does the word eclipse refer to?

Ans- The fact that a man when he loses his high office is robbed of his high esteem, his power and authority.

37. What is Tatler?

Ans- Literary and social journal.

38. What is the motto of The Spectators club?

Ans- “Six more at least join their consenting voice”.

39. Who was Tully?

Ans- A Roman philosopher, statesman, lawyer, orator, political theorist, consul and constitutionalist.

40. What is Honeycomb very familiar with?

Ans- The history of fashion and modes of dress and conduct.

41. Who are the metaphysical poets?

Ans- John Donne, George Herbert, Richard Crashaw, Andrew Marvell and Henry Vaughan.

42. What kind of poet was Cowley?

Ans– Metaphysical poetry of the seventeenth century.

43. How does Cowley use lace in his poetry?

Ans- Philosophically.

44. What is the excess of passion in Of Love?

Ans- It can eat into the nature and value of things.

45. Who is the lady killer among the members of the club?

Ans- Will Honeycomb.

46. What type of composition is The Life of Cowley?

Ans- Biographical and critical study.

47. What is the date of birth of Abraham Cowley?

Ans- 1918.

48. When was plantation more frequent?

Ans- Before Modernism.

49. To whom, according to Burke was East India Company supposed to be accountable?

Ans- To the Parliament.

50. Why was Sir Roger a bachelor at the age of fifty-six?

Ans- Because of his disappointment in love.

51. Who inherited Sir Rogers property?

Ans- Captain Sentry.

52. What kind of a critic is Dr. Johnson?

Ans- An orthodox classicist and a moralist.

53. What happens if a man is inclined towards revenge?

Ans- He will root out of law.

54. Who wrote the book The Advancement of Learning?

Ans- Francis Bacon.

55. Who is Tacitus?

Ans– A well-known historian of ancient Rome.

56. What is a country Sunday?

Ans- A Sunday spent in s countryside.

57. What kind of writer was Bacon?

Ans- Essayist.

58. What is a connect?

Ans- A poem of fourteen iambic pentameter lines having two parts- octave and sestet.

59. What is East India Charter?

Ans– A charter to establish monopoly and to create power.

60. Who drafted and introduced the East India Bill?

Ans- Fox.

61. What is a strange desire?

Ans- A desire to seek power and to lose liberty over one’s self.

62. What was the name of the periodical started by Steele in 1709?

Ans- Tatler.

63. What is Inner Temple?

Ans- One of the four Inns of Court in London.

64. What is the purpose of the volume of The Lives of the Poets?

Ans- Johnson’s critical powers and prejudices.

65. What kind of Odes did Cowley write.

Ans- Pindaric Odes.

66. What Pindaric Odes did Cowley paraphrase?

Ans- Olympic and Nemaean Ode.

67. When was Burke elected a member of the British Parliament?

Ans- In 1774.

68. Who was the famous biographer of Samuel Johnson?

Ans- Mr. Sprat.

69. What were the metaphysical poets?

Ans- Men od learning, men of wit and conceit.

70. Who are eligible to be sent to new plantation?

Ans- A noble and gentle person assisted by few counsellors.

71. What is falsehood compared to?

Ans- Alloy in coin of gold and silver.

72. Who is Cheit Sing?

Ans- A sovereign prince of Benares.

73. Name the Rohilla Chief mentioned in Burkes speech.

Ans- Hafiz Rhamet Khan (1710-1774).

74. Who is Siren?

Ans- The sea-nymphs.

75. What is maxim?

Ans- A short, pithy statement expressing a general truth or rule of conduct.

76. When, according to Bacon, should a man marry?

Ans- When he thinks that he should marry.

77. What is performed on Gods theatre?

Ans- Only good and benevolent act is performed.

78. How is Sir Roger in his behaviour towards others?

Ans- Very singular.

79. Who is the merchant among the members of Spectators club?

Ans- Sir Andrew Freeport.

80. How does Cowley portray love and lovers?

Ans- Acquainted with the ancient laws and rites of the sacrifice.

81. Who is Captain Sentry?

Ans- The fourth member of the club.

82. What is the wine of devils?

Ans- Mixing the truth with lie.

83. What literary age does Cowley belong to?

Ans- Caroline, Commonwealth and Restoration age.

84. What does nuptial love do?

Ans- It means love between husband and wife.


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