18th NTRCA English Assistant Teacher Final suggestion

LX 18th NTRCA English Assistant Teacher Full and Final Suggestion: Exam 2024

Mentor: Azizul Haque

No specific items have been suggested for these four by the authority. You are asked to study these: Transformation of sentences, Narration, Right form of Verb, Completing Sentence, Articles, and Prepositions, Sentence connectors and Linkers, and Idiom Phrases. A question may be set in form of without clue, combining articles, prepositions, and Sentence connectors and Linkers.

Prescribed Book for Practice:

ইউটিউবে ভিডিও লেকচার দেখুনঃ

  • NTRCA Previous Year Question.
  • SSC and HSC Level Test Paper.

Translation is the reflection of your total English knowledge. No short-cut rules will help you to obtain better marks in this section. To do better here follow these:

  • Identifying Tenses
  • Identifying Subject, Verb, Object/Complement/Adverbials
  • Identifying Sentence Pattern.
  • Developing Vocabulary.

Prescribed Book for Practice:

  • Practice from any reference book.

Part III: Reading Comprehension (15 Marks for 2 Questions)

A passage will be given. From there candidates will be asked to solve five MCQ questions, each carrying one mark. Besides, they have to answer another 5 questions, each carrying 2 marks. Keep in mind while writing this.

  • Same sentences from the passage will carry poor marks.
  • Grammatical and lexical mistakes will less your marks.
  • Answers of these questions will not be in one sentence or will not more than 4/5 sentences.

Prescribed Topics & Books for Practice:

google news
  • Current Crucial Issues
  • National evergreen topics
  • English For Today: For Class 9&10 (Old and New Version.)

Candidates will have to write short note on 3 topics, selecting from the alternatives (5 or 7), each carrying 5 marks. Here is your suggestion regarding this section.

  • Imagery
  • Simile,
  • Metaphor,
  • Symbolism,
  • Tragic-flaw,
  • Tragic Hero,
  • Supernaturalism,
  • Irony,
  • Alliteration,
  • Rhyme Scheme,
  • Sonnet,
  • Lyric,
  • Tone of Text,
  • Personification.

Prescribed Books for Practice:

  • LX Paid Batch Hand-note
  • LX NTRCA Written for English Assistant Teacher and any other reference books.

Candidates will be given 4 items (with no alternative question) to answer, each carrying 10 marks. The four items are:

Formal Letter/Application:

  • To the Principal/Headmaster for permission to go on a study tour.
  • To Principal/Headmaster for setting up Wi-Fi zone/Cleansing Campus/digital classroom
  • To the Principal/Headmaster for a seat in the hostel/transfer Certificate.
  • To Chairman/Mayor for relief or reconstruction of a bridge/arsenic tube-wells.
  • Any Job Application.

Prescribed Books for Practice:

  • LX NTRCA Written for English Assistant Teacher and any other reference books.

Paraphrasing Poems or Short Stories:


  1. I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.
  2. Shall I Compare thee to a Summer’s Day?
  3. On the Grasshopper and Cricket
  4. Crossing the Bar
  5. If I Had But Two Little Wings
  6. “Hope” is the thing with feathers
  7. The Road Not Taken
  8. Success is Counted Sweetest
  9. Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
  10. Sonnet 19: When I consider how my light is spent
  11. Sonnets from the Portuguese 43: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways
  12. London
  13. London, 1802
  14. She Dwelt among the Untrodden Ways
  15. On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer
  16. Ozymandias
  17. Sonnet 130: My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun
  18. Holy Sonnets: Death, be not proud
  19. To Daffodils
  20. The Patriot
  21. The Good-Morrow
  22. Be The Best of Whatever You Are
  23. Little Red
  24. Because I Could Not Stop for Death
  • She Walks in Beauty
  • The Sun Rising
  • When You Are Old
  • My Heart Leaps Up
  • It is a Beauteous Evening, Calm and Free
  • Dover Beach
  • The Tyger
  • The Lake Isle of Innisfree

Short Story

  1. The Last Leaf
  2. The Luncheon
  3. The Gift of the Magi
  4. A Cat in the Rain

Prescribed Books for Practice:

  • LX NTRCA Written for English Assistant Teacher and any other reference books.


  1. Tree Plantation,
  2. Price Hike,
  3. Drug Addiction,
  4. Unemployment Problem
  5. Eve-teasing
  6. Global Warming
  7. Food Adulteration
  8. Importance of Learning English
  9. Environment Pollution
  10. A Book Fair
  11. Mobile Phone
  12. Load Shedding
  13. International Mother Language Day
  14. Liberation War
  15. E-mail
  16. Facebook
  17. Gender Discrimination
  18. Internet
  19. Natural Calamities
  20. Water Pollution
  21. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Tunnel
  22. Dhaka Metro Rail
  23. Elevated Expressway

Prescribed Books for Practice:

  • LX NTRCA Written for English Assistant Teacher and any other reference books.

Expressing a Solution to a Problem:

  1. Drop Out in Primary School.
  2. Drop Out among the Slum Students.
  3. Children’s Addiction to Electronic Devices.
  4. Insufficient Waste Management
  5. Arsenic Pollution
  6. Child Labour
  7. Corruption
  8. Greenhouse Effect
  9. Pric Hike
  10. Shortage of Electricity
  11. Terrorism in Bangladeshi Educational Institution
  12. Environment Pollution
  13. Unemployment Problem
  14. Migration of Poorer Country’s Officials
  15. Media Violence
  16. Yellow Journalism
  17. Relationship Crisis in Families
  18. Drug Addiction

Prescribed Books for Practice:

  • LX NTRCA Written for English Assistant Teacher and any other reference books.

ভালো নম্বর পেতে করণীয়

  • প্রাসঙ্গিক লিখতে হবে।
  • বেশি লিখতে হবে।
  • ইউনিক লিখতে হবে।

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