Write an Application to the Head of the Department of English Requesting him to Arrange the Birthday Celebration of William Shakespeare.

Write an application to the head of the Department of English requesting him to arrange the birthday celebration of William Shakespeare.

01 April 2016

The Head of the Department Department of English

Carmichael College, Rangpur.

Subject: An earnest request for permission to celebrate the birthday of William Shakespeare.

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Dear Sir,

We, the students of your department, want to celebrate the birthday ceremony of William Shakespeare, the king of England’s kings. The whole world will celebrate the birthday of the legend on 23 April. We also want to do the same on 23 April 2016 at the college auditorium. We want to hold a discussion meeting, poetry recitation, and quiz competition about Shakespeare. We also want to stage a play named Julius Caesar, a tragedy of Shakespeare. Interestingly, we will act out the roles of the characters in the play. We have already contacted our honorable teachers, and they have consented to help us in this regard. The students of our department will partially subscribe to meet the expenses. We also need monetary assistance from the seminar fund. 

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Therefore, we request that you permit us to hold the celebration, sanctioning an allocation of money from the seminar fund.

Yours sincerely,

Maliha, Hafsa, Mithila

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(On behalf of the students of the department)

Riya Akter
Riya Akter
Hey, This is Riya Akter Setu, B.A (Hons) & M.A in English from National University.


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