Brief Solution of South Asian and African Literature nu masters 2019-20

a. Who is a ‘Bedouin”?

Ans. An Arab semi-nomadic man.

b. What did Khaleque do to collect the blessed water from the pir?

Ans. He had sent his wife’s brother Dhola Mian to the pir.

c. What should a man do to acquire wisdom as suggested in Samyabadi”?

ইউটিউবে ভিডিও লেকচার দেখুনঃ

Ans. A man should open his heart through spiritual exercise.

d. Who is Munira?

Ans. A School teacher 

e. How did Sophie Mol die?

Ans. Drowning in the Ayemenem river.

f.  Why didn’t Unoka have a grave?

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Ans. Because he died of swelling which was an abomination of the earth goddess and a man who died of swelling was not allowed to die in the house and be buried.

( ছোট করে প্রথম এর অংশটুকু and পর্যন্ত দিলেও হবে)

g. What happened during Easter week? (things Fall Apart)

Ans. The convert/ missionary women went to get clay, chalk and water and were not allowed to get water from the stream.

h. What made Pappachi unhappy in conjugal life? 

Ans. The realization that he is 17 years older than his wife. He is now an old man but his wife is still young.

i. Why did Baby Kochamma fail in love?

Ans. The priest Mulligan remains inaccessible to her. That’s why she failed in her love.

j. When will the rebel rest in quiet?

Ans. When he would find the sky and the air free of the piteous groans of the oppressed.

k. Why was Okonkwo ashamed of his father? 

Ans. Because his father was heavily in debt.

l. Whom did Ammu see in her dream?

Ans. Velutha


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