Chaucer Masters Exam 2020 Question Paper

Chaucer Masters Exam 2020 Question Paper


ENGLISH                                               মাফা-৮/২০২০

[According to the Syllabus of 2013-2014]

Subject Code: 311101

ইউটিউবে ভিডিও লেকচার দেখুনঃ


Time-4 hours Full marks-80

Part A

(Answer any ten questions)



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(a) Who is the nun’s priest? 

Ans. The three priests accompanied the Prioress and the second nun. The Host addressed him as Sir John. He tells the story of The Nun’s Priest’s Tale.

(b) What is the name of the host?

Ans. Harry Bailey 

(c) What did Chaunticleer dream?

Ans. An animal looking like a dog was trying to seize him and put him to death.

(d) How does the poet describe Criseyde’s beauty?

Ans. Matchless woman of angelic beauty.

(e) Why did Chaunticleer love Pertelote most?

Ans. Because she was the most charming and attractive.

(f)  After Cupid shoots Troilus, what is the first thing he sets his eyes upon?

Ans. Criseyde.

(g) What is the setting of “Troilus and Criseyde”?

Ans. Troy

(h)  What was the name of the Colfax?

Ans: Sir Russell 

(i) What is the function of a summoner?

Ans. Summoned offenders before the judge.

(j) What was Pharaoh?

Ans. The ancient Egyptian Kings.

(k) What is courtly love?

Ans. Code of love of aristocratic society of 14th century Europe.

(l) Who was the wife of Bath? 

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Ans. A woman from Bath./whose name was Alyson. She married five times.

Part B

(Answer any five questions) 


2. How can you differentiate between a fable and a tale?

3. Comment on the character of the Knight.

4. How did Pertelote scold Chaunticleer for his cowardice?

5. Portray the character of the Prioress.

6. Narrate the circumstances that helped Chaunticleer escape from the mouth of Sir Russell, the fox.

7. What information does the narrator provide about the Monk? 

8. What does Chaucer mean by “The double sorrow of Troilus”?

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9. How did Diomede court Criseyde to win her love?

Part C

(Answer any five questions) 


10. Discuss “The General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales” as a picture gallery of the 14th century English Society.

11. Evaluate Chaucer’s treatment of dream in “The Nun’s Priest’s Tale.

12. Discuss Criseyde as a grief-stricken woman. 

13. Evaluate the ingredients of romance in “Troilus and Criseyde”.

14. Justify the Nun’s Priest’s Tale as a beast fable.

15. Analyze Chaucer’s poetic skill in “Troilus and Criseyde”.

16. Explain Chaucer’s art of characterization in “The General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales”. 17. What moral lesson do you find in “The Nun’s Priest’s Tale”?

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