Write a letter to a newspaper editor commenting on the traffic jam in Dhaka City.

Write a letter to a newspaper editor commenting on the traffic jam in Dhaka City.

Rony Tower,

House No. 5/A,

Mirpur, Dhaka


ইউটিউবে ভিডিও লেকচার দেখুনঃ

The Editor,

The Daily Star,


Dear Sir,

Please be informed that the traffic situation in Dhaka city is getting drowned daily. So I will be very grateful if you publish a few lines to through light on this matter.  


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Subject: Concerns About Traffic Jams in Dhaka

Dhaka city is the most important place in our country. Almost all of the national official activities run continuously in this city. But I am concerned about the frequent and disturbing traffic jams in Dhaka City. It’s becoming increasingly challenging for people to move around smoothly, affecting our daily lives.

The traffic snaps waste a lot of time, leading to people’s frustration. Students arrive late for school, workers are delayed in reaching their offices, and families face difficulties planning their outings. Everyone is stuck in a big puzzle of cars, buses, and rickshaws.

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I understand Dhaka is a busy city with many people and vehicles, but the current situation is causing much stress. It would be great if the authorities could investigate this matter and find solutions. Better traffic management, more efficient public transportation, or improved road conditions ease the congestion.

I believe that discussing this issue openly can raise awareness and encourage positive changes for everyone living in Dhaka. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Riya Akter
Riya Akter
Hey, This is Riya Akter Setu, B.A (Hons) & M.A in English from National University.


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