Continental Literature Previous Years Brief Solutions 2017-2020

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(a) How does Sofya Marmeladov earn her living?

Ans: By selling her body/By prostitution.

(b) What is the name of Raskolnikov’s sister?

Ans: Dounia.

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(c) How many rounds of shot does Meursault fire at the Arab?

Ans: Five rounds.

(d) Why was Meursault remorseless for the murder he committed?

Ans: Because the death sentence was imminent for him.

(e) What did Gregor do for a living before turning into an insect?

Ans: Gregor was a traveling salesman.

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(f) What does the monstrous insect symbolize in The Metamorphosis?

Ans: Gregor’s innermost self.

(g) Who are the shipwrecked people in A Doll’s House?

Ans: Krogstad and Mrs. Linde.

(h) What work did Nora do to earn money?

Ans: Niddle-work and embroidery.

(i) Name the sons and daughters of Mother Courage.

Ans: Eilif, Swiss Cheese, and Kattrin.

(j) How did Gregor die?

Ans: His head fell to the floor and he died.

(k) What does Mother Courage decide to do at the end of the novel?

Ans: To carry on in spite of all she has lost.

(l) What does Gregor refuse to let anybody take away?

Ans: The picture of the woman in fur hanging on his wall.


(a) What is Gregor’s surname in The Metamorphosis?

Ans: Samsa.

(b) What did Gregor’s father do for a living after the metamorphosis of Gregor?

Ans: Got a job as a bank attendant.

(c) Who is the narrator of the novel The Outsider?

Ans: Meursault.

(d) What are the themes in the play Mother Courage and Her Children?

Ans: Motherhood, the evils of war, and the feelings of women.

(e) What conflict do you notice in the relationship between Meursault and Marie?

Ans: Both of them delight in physical contact. Unlike Meursault, Marie has an emotional attachment too.

(f) What is the place setting of Mother Courage and Her Children?

Ans: Set in Europe during the Thirty Years’ War.

(g) What sickness does Dr. Rank suffer from?

Ans: Tuberculosis.

(h) Why did Nora’s father call her his doll-child?

Ans: To contribute to her subservient position.

(i) What Russian city does the story Crime and Punishment take place in?

Ans: St. Petersburgh.

(j) Why is Raskolnikov’s sister marrying?

Ans: For the money of her husband Luzhin, so that her brother Raskolnikov can continue his university studies.

(k) What is the dominant theme of the play A Doll’s House?

Ans: The emancipation of dominated women.

(l) What type of novel is Crime and Punishment?

Ans: Psychological novel.


(a) Why does Gregor fail to communicate?

Ans: Because after his transformation, his words are no longer understandable.

(b) How did Gregor die?

Ans: His head fell to the floor and he died.

(c) What is the original language of the novel The Outsider?

Ans: French.

(d) Who is Marie Cardona?

Ans: Former co-worker of Meursault.

(e) What is the purpose of the chaplain’s visit?

Ans: To offer Meursault salvation.

(f) Who are the rival forces in the thirty years’ war?

Ans: Catholics and Protestants.

(g) What is the cause of the death of Swiss Cheese?

Ans: The failure of Mother Courage to bribe the catholic sergeant.

(h) Who says – “corruption is our only hope”?

Ans: Mother Courage.

(i) By what means did Nora borrow money?

Ans: By forging the signature of her ailing father.

(j) What is Dr. Rank’s theory about his disease?

Ans: He inherited the disease from his dissolute father.

(k) What is the significance of the number three?

Ans: Is a signal of doom.

(l) What is Raskolnikov’s theory on crime?

Ans: Illness accompanies crime.


(a) What was Kafka by profession?

Ans: Lawyer.

(b) What was Gregor’s job?

Ans: Traveling salesman.

(c) Why is Meursault called an anti-hero?

Ans: Because being an atheist, he cannot lie.

(d) What was Meursault’s last wish?

Ans: The presence of a large crowd of witnesses during his execution.

(e) Where is Kattrin’s father from?

Ans: Germany.

(f) Name the children of Mother Courage.

Ans: Eilif, Swiss Cheese, and Kattrin.

(g) What is the sickness from which Dr. Rank suffers?

Ans: Tuberculosis.

(h) What work did Nora do to earn money?

Ans: Needlework and embroidery.

(i) Who does Raskolnikov owe money to?

Ans: His landlady.

(j) What is the philosophy of fatalism?

Ans: The philosophy of fatalism is the subjugation of all events or actions to fate or destiny.

(k) What brings Torvald out of his mind?

Ans: Worry over what Nora has bought.

(l) Where do the events in the play A Doll’s House take place?

Ans: In the city of Norway.

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