Continental Literature Suggestion Exam 2022

Continental Literature Suggestion Exam 2022


The Metamorphosis

1.         How far does the transformation of Gregor’s personality affect you?

2.         Gregor Samsa is presented as a tragic character in ‘Metamorphosis’ -Do you agree?

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3.         Discuss the techniques applied by Kafka in writing The Metamorphosis/Justify Metamorphosis as one of the few great poetic works of this century.

4.         Bring out the tragic and comic elements of Metamorphosis.

The Outsider

5.         Do you think that the title of ‘The Outsider’ is justified? Or discuss the significance of the title ‘The Outsider’.

6.         Discuss The Outsider is Camus’ attempts to Portray the absurdity of man’s existence in the universe. Or How does Camus, in his Outsider, attempt to portray the absurdity of man’s existence in the universe?

7.         Write an essay on Albert Camus’ treatment of alienation in “The Outsider”.

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Mother Courage and Her Children

8.         Do you consider Mother Courage and Her Children a tragedy? Give reasons for your answer. Or Consider Mother Courage and Her Children as a tragedy.

9.         How do the songs in Mother Courage and Her Children relate to the play and Brecht’s conception of epic theatre?

10.       Explain the conflict between the mother and the tradeswoman in “Mother Courage and Her Children”.

A Doll’s House

11.       Sketch the character Nora in A Doll’s House.

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12.       Write a note on the dramatic irony in “A Doll’s House”.”

13.       How could “A Doll’s House” be considered a modern tragedy?

14.       Evaluate A Doll’s House as a play of social criticism.

Crime and Punishment

15.       Discuss the significant role of coincidences in Crime and Punishment.

16.       Comment on Dostoevsky’s use of irony in his novel Crime and Punishment.

17.       Consider ‘Crime and Punishment’ as a story of sin, suffering, and redemption.

18.       ‘Crime and Punishment’ is a psychological novel-Discuss.


The Metamorphosis

1.         What was the predicament faced by Mr Samsa immediately after Gregor’s transformation?

2.         What does the picture of the woman in fur symbolize?

3.         How was Gregor treated when all the members of his family were forced to work?

4.         How has Gregor’s attitude towards his family changed?

5.         How does Gregor entertain himself?

The Outsider

6.         How far Albert Camus’ literary world is based on the ‘Absurd”? or Write a short note on Meursault’s realization of the absurdity of life.

7.         What message do you get from The Outsider?

8.         Discuss the European-Arab relation in Albert Camus’ novel, The Stranger.

9.         What are the motifs in ‘The Stranger” by Albert Camus?

10.       What is the theme in “The Outsider”?

Mother Courage and Her Children

11.       What is alienation or distancing? How has Brecht applied this technique in the play Mother Courage and Her Children?

12.       What does religion play in the drama Mother Courage and Her Children?

13.       Why does Mother Courage refuse to marry the Cook?

14.       Why has Yvette become a prostitute? Or, Is Yvette responsible for her immoral life?

15.       Write the historical context of Mother Courage and Her Children.

A Doll’s House

16.       How is A Doll’s House a feministic play?

17.       according to you, what is the message of the play A Doll’s House?

18.       Comment on the dramatic significance of Nora’s decision to leave her husband in ‘A Doll’s House’.

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19.       How is Nora able to discover the true character of Helmer?

20.       Who is the doll Ibsen refers to?

Crime and Punishment

21.       Discuss the setting of the novel Crime and Punishment.

22.       Why does Dostoevsky repeatedly use the colour “yellow”? What is the significance of a yellow passport?

23.       Write a short note on Dostoevsky’s use of coincidence.

24.       Why does Raskolnikov decide to confess his crime?

25.       Briefly describe Dostoevsky’s concept of ethics as you trace it in his novel, Crime and Punishment.

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