Environment Pollution

Environment Pollution ✪✪✪

[11th, 17th NTRCA, 2014, 2023]

Environmental pollution is when harmful substances or pollutants contaminate the air, water, or land, making it unsafe for plants, animals, and humans. The most common forms of environmental pollution are air, water, and soil pollution. Air pollution occurs when gases and particles from cars, factories, and burning fossil fuels fill the air. It causes health problems like asthma and lung diseases. Water pollution occurs when chemicals, trash, or sewage enter rivers, lakes, and oceans. It makes the water undrinkable and harmful to fish that live there. Land pollution occurs when garbage, plastics, chemicals, or pesticides are dumped on the ground. It makes the soil infertile and affects plants and animals that live there. Pollution harms the environment in many ways. One of the most alarming dangers is global warming. Pollution destroys habitats, causes climate change, and harms ecosystems. Environmental pollution has to be addressed as the most pressing problem facing humanity now, and solutions have to be implemented before it is too late. People must be made aware of the dangers. To reduce pollution, we can use cleaner energy sources, recycle, and reduce waste. We can use environmentally friendly products. By taking action to prevent pollution, we can protect our planet and create a healthier environment for all living beings.

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Riya Akter
Riya Akter
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