Examples of Articles with Answers

Examples of Articles with Answers

  1. All I need now is –- hot cup of coffee. Ans: a
  2. Where is _ letter sent by your teacher? Ans: the
  3. This perfume has _ mild fragrance. Ans: a
  4. I admire _ photographs you clicked in Paris. Ans: the
  5. Let’s go for _ vacation in _ mountains. Ans: a, the
  6. Have you seen _ charger of my laptop? Ans: the
  7. The book is _ anthology of poems by Rabindranath Tagore. Ans: an
  8. Goa was _ Portuguese colony in India. Ans: a
  9. Pather Panchali is _ Oscar-winning movie directed by Satyajit Ray. Ans: an
  10. There is _ important announcement to be made today. Ans: an
  11. Where is _ book I gave you last week? Ans: the
  12. What is _ breed of your dog? Ans: the 
  13. France is _ European country. Ans: a
  14. The report gives _ interesting insight into the current market situation. Ans: an
  15. I reached the venue _ hour ago. Ans: an
  16. 16: Can you bring me _ umbrella hanging on the wall? Ans: the
  17. It was a thunderous night and __ palm tree in my backyard was swaying furiously. Ans: the

আরো পড়ুনঃ Language and Parole

  1. Would you like to read __ book on World War II? Ans: a
  2. 19: Where is ___ purse I gave you last week? Ans: the
  3. I reached the centre _____ hour ago. Ans: an
  4. Paris is ___ European city. Ans: a
  5. A dog is _ animal. Ans: an
  6.  _ cat is a mammal. Ans: a
  7. I love _ color red. Ans: the
  8. Our family loves to sing on _ weekends. Ans: the
  9. I bought _ new guitar for my son. Ans: a
  10. This is _ red guitar I bought him. Ans: the
  11. _ cat and a dog are both mammals. Ans: a
  12. I’m looking for _ place to live. Ans: a
  13. This is _ place I was talking about. Ans: the
  14. The dog bit him on _ leg. Ans: the
  15.  _ crocodile lives in water. Ans: a
  16.  Did you see _ movie last night? Ans: the
  17.  _ movie they saw was “Frozen.” Ans: the
  18.  She didn’t say _ word to him. Ans: a
  19.  A golden retriever is _ breed of dog. Ans: a
  20.  I used to work in _ humane society. Ans: a
  21.  I will never own _ snake as a pet! Ans: a
  22.  I’m looking for _ person of great integrity. Ans:  a
  23. _ orange tree makes fruit that is orange in color. Ans: an
  24.  We live on _ third floor of the apartment building. Ans: the
Riya Akter
Riya Akter
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