Food Adulteration

Food Adulteration ✪✪✪

[9th, 16th NTRCA, 2013, 2019]

Adulteration or contamination of natural food products is one of the major challenges in today’s society. Food adulteration is when harmful substances are added to food or when the quality of food is lowered by adding inferior ingredients. These adulterants can be available in all food products we consume daily, including dairy products, grains, meat, vegetables, fruits, oils, beverages, etc. Food adulteration can happen for many reasons. Dishonest businessmen adulterate food products to make more profit or increase the food’s quantity. For instance, some people might add water to milk to increase its volume or mix cheaper oils with expensive ones. It can have serious health consequences, causing illnesses and diseases. Adulteration is deception, as consumers are unaware of what they eat. To prevent food adulteration, it is important for governments to enforce strict regulations and for consumers to be vigilant (watchful) about the quality of the food they buy. Additionally, supporting local and organic food producers can reduce the risk of consuming adulterated food. Overall, awareness and regulation are key to combating this problem and ensuring the safety of our food supply.

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Riya Akter
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