Draft a Letter to the press highlighting the importance of maintaining austerity in National Life. 

Draft a Letter to the press highlighting the importance of maintaining austerity in National Life. 



The Editor,

The Daily Star

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Dear Sir,

I will be extremely grateful if you publicise the following writing in your daily printed media. 

The Importance of Maintaining Austerity in National Life. 

Austerity becomes crucial in light of consecutive global crises. The initial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic hardly impacted the economic stability of multiple countries. Bangladesh, initially on a path to swift recovery from the pandemic situation and potential inflation threats, now faces a different fact following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The disorder in global supply chains has led to record-high inflation across many countries, including Bangladesh.

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The wave in essential commodity prices and unusual payload expenses in Bangladesh is primarily attributed to raised global commodity prices. Compounding the issue are high import costs, a shortage of reserves, and a decline in remittance inflows, factors beyond the government’s complete control. The ongoing fuel crisis further deepens concerns, with the potential consequence of reduced production.

This multifaceted challenge raises the spectre of a global food shortage, adding to the situation’s complexity. Despite these hard challenges, there is an acknowledgement that Bangladesh is currently in a relatively favourable position. However, carefulness and tactful measures are essential to navigate these stormy times.

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So we need to be careful about maintaining austerity in our national life. Otherwise, we have to pay a lot for this carelessness. 

Sincerely Yours

Rasel Mitra

Rajshahi College. 

Riya Akter
Riya Akter
Hey, This is Riya Akter Setu, B.A (Hons) & M.A in English from National University.


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