Literary Term Comedy

Literary Term Comedy

Comedy is a form of entertainment or literature characterized by humor and wit. Comedy aims to produce laughter, amusement, or pleasure in its audience through various techniques such as satire, irony, wordplay, or absurdity. Comedy often involves exaggerated situations, clever dialogue, and comedic timing to create entertainment.

Comedy in literature is all about making people laugh. Here are some features:

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Humour: Comedy uses jokes, funny situations, or amusing characters to make you laugh. It can be witty, silly, or even sarcastic.

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Exaggeration: Sometimes, things in comedy are mangled out of proportion. Exaggeration makes them funnier.

Satire: comedy is used to make fun of serious things like politics or society. It’s like making a joke to point out what’s wrong or silly about something important.

Wordplay: Playing with words, using puns or jokes based on language, can be a big part of comedy. It’s when words have a double meaning or are used cleverly.

Timing: In comedy, when something happens or when a joke is told is important. Good timing can make a joke much funnier.

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Characters: Funny characters with quirks, odd behaviors, or funny personalities often create comedy. Think of someone clumsy or overly serious in a funny situation.

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Happy Ending: Many comedies have a happy or cheerful ending. It leaves you feeling good and happy after laughing through the story.

These features work together in different ways to bring laughter and enjoyment to stories, plays, or books that use comedy.

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