Literary Term Interlude

Literary Term Interlude

An interlude in literature is like a little break or pause within a story, often a short section different from the main plot. It’s a departure from the main narrative or plotline. It provides a momentary break or a shift in focus. Interludes can take various forms, such as a poetic passage, a short story within a novel, a musical or theatrical performance inserted into a play or novel, or even a change in tone or style to explore a different perspective or theme.


Purposes of Interlude: An interlude in the literature typically refers to a brief break or interruption within a longer work, serving various purposes such as:

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ইউটিউবে ভিডিও লেকচার দেখুনঃ

  • Transition: Interludes can mark transitions between different parts of a story or scenes. It helps to shift the narrative from one point to another smoothly.

  • Change of Pace: Interludes can provide a change of pace from the main storyline. It offers a momentary pause or diversion for the reader or audience.

  • Commentary: Interludes offer commentary, reflection, or additional information that enriches the main narrative or provides insight into the story, characters, or themes.

  • Musical or Performance Break: In dramatic literature or theatre, an interlude can refer to a short performance, often musical, inserted between acts or scenes.

  • Exploration of Themes: Sometimes, interludes can delve into specific themes or ideas that are related to but distinct from the main plot. It offers a deeper exploration or different perspective.

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These segments can take various forms, such as poems, songs, anecdotes, flashbacks, or brief episodes featuring different characters or settings. They add depth, context, or a different flavour to the narrative structure, enhancing the storytelling experience.


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