Literary Term Metaphysical poetry

Literary Term Metaphysical poetry

A school of poetry which deals with spiritual matters like God, Love, and Religion. Metaphysical poetry emerged in the 17th century, primarily in England. These kinds of poetry are characterized by a complex blend of intellectuality, wit, and often unconventional metaphors. This genre is associated with a group of poets including John Donne, George Herbert, Andrew Marvell, and Henry Vaughan.

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  1. Conceits: Metaphysical poetry often employs elaborate metaphors known as conceits. These metaphors draw unlikely comparisons between two very dissimilar things, often intellectual or scientific, to explore complex ideas and emotions.
  2. Intellectualism: These poets were highly intellectual and used their poetry to explore profound philosophical, religious, and metaphysical ideas. Their work often grappled with the complexities of existence, love, and spirituality.
  3. Complexity and Wit: The poetry manages to be intellectually challenging, filled with wit, paradoxes, and intricate language. The poets used a clever and often complex interplay of ideas and words to engage their readers.
  4. Dramatic and Conversational Tone: Many metaphysical poems have a conversational and colloquial tone, almost as if the speaker is engaged in a discussion or argument. They often directly address the reader or a specific person.
  5. Exploration of Love and Emotions: Metaphysical poets explored the theme of love in a unique way. They emphasize not just the emotions but also the physical and intellectual aspects of love, often intertwining them.

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  1. Use of Argument and Logic: These poets employed logical argumentation and reasoning in their poems. They used influential techniques and employed logic to make their point.
  2. Juxtaposition of Opposites: Metaphysical poets were fond of juxtaposing opposites. They explore tensions between various elements like body and soul, secular and divine, physical and spiritual.
  3. Irregular Meter and Verse: Unlike traditional poetic forms, metaphysical poetry often features irregular meter and verse. They allow the poets greater freedom in expressing their complex ideas.
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