Literary Term Monologue

Literary Term Monologue

In literature, a monologue is a speech or a long passage spoken by one character in a play, story, or poem. It’s a moment when a character expresses his thoughts, feelings, or ideas aloud, usually addressing other characters, the audience, or themselves. Monologues serve various purposes, such as revealing a character’s inner thoughts, advancing the plot, providing insight into a character’s motivations, or expressing emotions. 

Monologues in literature serve various purposes and come in different forms, each with its distinct features:

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  1. Soliloquy: A soliloquy is a monologue where a character speaks his thoughts aloud. This usually happens when a character is alone on stage. It allows readers or the audience to understand the character’s inner feelings, conflicts, or dilemmas.
  2. Interior Monologue: This technique delves into a character’s stream of consciousness. This reveals a character’s thoughts, emotions, and perceptions in a continuous flow. It often lacks punctuation and can mimic the unpredictable nature of human thinking.
  3. Dramatic Monologue: This form involves a character speaking to someone else. This is often an implied listener or audience without their response being voiced. It allows for exploring the character’s personality, motives, and emotions.

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ইউটিউবে ভিডিও লেকচার দেখুনঃ

  1. Narrative Monologue: In this type, a character narrates a story or series of events from their perspective. It can provide insight into the character’s tendencies, interpretations, and understanding of the events.
  2. Extended Monologues: These are longer speeches or dialogues where a character speaks at length. This conveys a character’s thoughts, feelings, or ideas in detail. They can be reflective, persuasive, or emotionally charged.
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