Modern Drama Previous Years Brief 2019-20

Modern Drama NU Masters

Previous years Brief (2014-18)


a)  What is New Theatre?

Ans.  A theatrical organization which was established in London.

b)  What is the message of the drama ‘You Never can Tell’?

ইউটিউবে ভিডিও লেকচার দেখুনঃ

Ans. Uncertainty of future.

c) Why does Eben consider himself to be the prize winning cock of the farm?

Ans: Because he wants to be able to make love to Cabot’s new wife, Abbie.

d)  Who is Rachel?

Ans.  The daughter of Laban and younger sister of Leah, and Jacob’s first wife.

e)  What are the symbols used in the play Death of Salesman?”

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Ans. Seeds, diamonds, Linda’s and the Woman’s stockings, the rubber horse.

f) in what sense in Biff a failure?

Ans. Biff is aimless.He is not able to hold a real job. He hopes from job to job after high school and is concerned that he wasted his life.

g) Why did the Salesman die?

Ans.  He commits socide to provide his family with financial security.

h) What does D.A.R stand for?

Ans.  ‘Daughters of the American Revolution’.

i) Why does Amanda consider Tom as her ‘right handed bower’?

Ans.  Because she doesn’t like her son, Amanda acts like the ultimate controlling mother,using every possible emotional trick to get her own way.

j) What does the broken unicorn symbolize?

Ans.  The change to a more ordinary person Laura makes after her heart is broken.

k) Why is Valentine called a five shilling dentist?

Ans.  Because he charges five shillings for everything such as removing teeth, giving gas etc.

I) What is a Merchant Marine?

Ans.  The fleet of ships that carried imports and exports during peacetime and became a naval auxiliary during wartime to deliver troops and war materials.

Brief – 2017

a) Who is Gloria?

Ans.  The daughter of Mrs. Clandon.

b)  Why do Simeon and Peter go to California?

Ans. Because they want to be free from the toil of farm work.

c) Who is Linda?

Ans.  Linda is Willy Loman’s loyal and loving wife.

d)  How old is Cabot?


e) What is Mr. Crampton’s view on marriage?

Ans.  “Marry and be miserable”.

f)  Why is Eben falling in love with Abbie?

Ans.  Mainly for two reasons;

g)  What is Happy’s real name?

Ans.  Harlod Happy Loman.

h) What according to Tom is man by instinct?

Ans. A lover,a hunter, a fighter.

i) What kind of man is Mr. McComas?

Ans. A forward young man,an agnostic in religion and a radical in politics.

j)  What do elms symbolize in ‘Desire Under the Elms’?

Ans.  The dominance of female characters.

k) Who is the old friend of Mr. Crampton?

Ans. Finch McComas.

I) What is menagerie?

Ans. A group of animals kept privately or for the public to see.

Brief  -2016

a)  What kind of drama is ‘You Never Can Tell’?

Ans. Anti-romantic comedy.

b) Who is Mr. Crampton?

Ans.  Mrs. Clandon’s divorce husband and father of Gloria, Dolly and Phillip.

c) Where is the dentist’s chember located?

Ans.  In a watering place on the coast of Torbay in Devon.

d) Who is Maw?

Ans.  The dead mother of Eben.

e)  What does the Sheriff desire?

And.If he owned the Cabot farm.

f) How does Abbie kill her little son?

Ans.  By suffocating it, putting a pillow over its face.

g)  For what does Linda criticize Happy?

Ans. Philandering.

h) What is Requiem?

Ans.  A funeral hymn for the dead.

i) What is the last product that Willy Loman sells?

Ans.  The last product that Willy sells himself (commit socide)  in order to make his son Biff successful.

j) What was Tennessee Williams real name?

Ans.  Thomas Lanier Williams.

k) What does D.A.R stand for?”

Ans.  ‘Daughters of the American Revolution’.

I) Who was Midas?

Ans.  King of Phrygia.

Brief -2015

a)  What is the full title of ‘Death of a Salesman’?

Ans: Certain Private Conversations in Two Acts and a Requiem.

b)  What is the fire escape?

Ans.  A structure that serves as an entry to and exit from Winfield apartment.

c)  Why does Abbie marry old Cabot?

Ans. For financial security.

d)  What is New Drama?

Ans.  A type of drama which started at the end of the 19th century.

e) What is the amount of Willy’s life-insurance?

Ans. 20,000 USD

f)  What is the pet name of Gloria?

Ans. Sophonia.

g)  What are Blue Roses?

Ans.  The nickname of Laura.

h) What is Madeira?

Ans An island in the North Atlantic Ocean belonging to Portugal.

i) What is Requiem?

And.A funeral hymn for the dead.

j) Who is compared to a ripe fruit?

Ans. Cabot.

k) Who is Walter Boon?

Ans.  The head waiter at the Marine Hotel.

I) What is Fabian society?

Ans. A socialist society founded in 1884 in London.


a)  Where is the dentist’s chember?

Ans.  In a watering place on the coast of Torbay in Devon.

b) Who is reading an ultra-conservative paper?

Ans. Mr. McComas.

c)  Why is Eben hostile to his step brothers?

And.Because they do not protest when their father makes Eben’s mother work hard like a slave.

d) How old is the wife of Ephraim Cabot?

Ans. 35.

e) What animals are raised on the farm of Cabot?

Ans.  Cows, horses,pigs and chickens.

f) What is an American Dream?

Ans. A set of ideals that are thought to create equal opportunity for prosperity and success for the citizens.

g) What do the Elims symbolize in “Desire Under the Elms”?

Ans.  The dominance of female characters.

h) What is the last product that Willy Loman sells and why?”

Ans.  The last product that Willy sells himself (commit socide)  in order to make his son Biff successful.

i) Where is Laura enlisted and why?

Ans.  At Rubicam’s College to take lessons on a secretarial career.

j)  In what cities does Loman live?

And. New York City.

k) What is the other name of Jim?

Ans. O’Connor.

I) What does ‘Long distance Caller’ mean?

Ans. A visitor from a distant place.

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