Pahela Baishakh

Pahela Baishakh

Or, Your Favorite Festival ✪✪✪

[3rd, 12th NTRCA, 2007, 2015]

“Pahela Baishakh,” also known as the Bengali New Year, is a traditional Bengali festival and my favorite. This day marks the beginning of the Bengali calendar year. Observed on April 14th yearly, this colorful occasion is filled with joyous festivities. Bengali people celebrate Pahela Baishakh wearing traditional dresses like Panjabi, and Sharee, with colors and folk music. Pahela Baishakh brings communities together to welcome the new year. It fills the people’s hearts with joy and enthusiasm. Pahela Baishakh begins with traditional rituals, including colorful alpana decorations, papers, and flags. Families gather to enjoy traditional Bengali cuisine like panta bhat and hilsha fish being favorites. The streets come alive with parades, folk music, dance performances, fairs, and dazzling displays of masks and puppets. Another significant aspect is the tradition of halkhata, the opening of new account books by businesses. Pahela Baishakh showcases the rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh. This first day of the Bengali year embodies the spirit of renewal. It fosters a sense of unity and hope.

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Riya Akter
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