Passages (PrePosition) for Practice

Passages (Preposition) for Practice

Passage 1:  The cat jumped ___ the table and knocked ___ the vase. It looked ___ me with innocent eyes before running ___ the room. I couldn’t help but laugh ___ its antics.

Passage 2:  She waited ___ the bus ___ over an hour. When it finally arrived, she got ___ without looking back. She was excited ___ her first day ___ work.

Passage 3:  He walked ___ the park, enjoying the fresh air. Children were playing ___ the swings, and dogs were running ___ their owners. It was a peaceful scene ___ everyone to enjoy.

Passage 4:  I placed my books ___ on the shelf, ensuring they aligned ___ the edge. Later, I sat ___ my desk, dreaming ___ going on an adventure ___ faraway lands.

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Passage 5:  The movie started ___ 7 PM, so we had to hurry ___ dinner. We rushed ___ the theater, hoping we wouldn’t miss the beginning. Sitting ___ the dark room, we felt excited ___ the film to start.

আরো পড়ুনঃ Consonant and Vowel Sound

Passage 6:  She looked ___ the mirror and smiled. Today was her birthday, and she felt grateful ___ everything in her life. Her friends had planned a surprise ___ her, and she couldn’t wait to find out what it was.

Passage 7:  The old man sat ___ the bench every morning, feeding the pigeons ___ bread crumbs. He enjoyed watching the birds and felt at peace ___ the world ___ those moments.

Passage 8:  The chef put the cake ___ the oven and set the timer ___ 30 minutes. He then started cleaning ___ the kitchen, organizing everything ___ its place. Baking was his passion, and he took pride ___ his work.

Passage 9:  We walked ___ the river, throwing stones ___ the water. The sun was setting, and the sky turned beautiful shades ___ orange and pink. It was the perfect end ___ a perfect day.

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Passage 10:  She packed her suitcase ___ her trip, checking her list to ensure she hadn’t forgotten anything. She was nervous ___ traveling alone and excited ___ the adventure that lay ___ her.

আরো পড়ুনঃLanguage and Culture

Answer to these Passages

1. Onto, over, at, out of, at.

2. For, for, on, about, at.

3. Through, on, with, for 

4. On, with, at, of, to 

5. At, with, to, in, for

6. In, for, for, 

7. On, with, with, during 

8. In for, up, in, in.

9. Along, into, of, to 

10. For, about, for, ahead of. 

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