Person Paragraph

Person: ব্যাক্তি

List of Paragraph: A fisherman, A teacher, A Social worker, Any Person

যে কোন ব্যাক্তি বিষয়ক paragraph আসলে এটা লিখলেই চলবে।

We live in a society. We can see various types of people in it. Though all are unimportant, they are part and parcel of our society. They may be of different professions such as doctors, teachers, fishermen, poets, singers, players etc. (N.P) is one of them. He is a common person in your society. He is also an important person. (N.P) is an education/uneducated. He is very well. His truthfulness and honesty are unthinkable. (N.P) is a very busy person. The way of living of a (N.P.) is very simple. He is a good-natured person. His/her works are for the welfare of society. We like him very much for his simplicity and his friendly behaviour. Since he is part and parcel of our society. We must be careful about him. We must help him as much as we can. We can do anything positive in our society with the help of a (N.P) .

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Riya Akter
Riya Akter
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