Previous Question Modern Poetry Exam 2016 NU Masters

Previous Question Modern Poetry Exam 2016 NU Masters


ENGLISH                                               মাফা-১০/২০১৬

Subject Code: 311103

(Modern Poetry)

ইউটিউবে ভিডিও লেকচার দেখুনঃ

Time-4 hours             Full marks-80

Part A

(Answer any ten questions)



a) Where and when does Whitman behold God?

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Ans. Everywhere each hour of the twenty-four and each moment.

b) What does Yeats see in ‘exile reverie’?

Ans. He sees through his mind’s eye the future years of violence, bloodshed and madness of unruly people.

c) In what sense does grass symbolize democracy?

Ans. The grass knows no discrimination by growing at all places, it grows among black and also among white people. Thus it symbolizes democracy. 

d) What is Auden’s message in Lullaby?”

Ans. Eros (Physical love) should be transformed into Agape (universal love) 

e) How does Warren define a home?

Ans. As a place where one is forced to meet obligations , no matter how unwillingly.

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f) What is the meaning of ‘Gyres’?

Ans. The increasing spiral that can be traced conically starting from a point and eventually expanding to a circle.

g) Why does the wife hate her husband in ‘Home Burial’?

Ans. Because he had been unfeeling enough to dig his own baby’s grave.

h) Who ‘according to Auden’ dies morally?

Ans. The people who fail to oppose the cruelty of the despotic rulers, die morally because of their cowardice.

i) In whose honour does Dylan Thomas write his verses?

Ans. The lovers whose arms are twined in a warm embrace and who simultaneously hold in their arms the sorrows and misfortunes of humanity.

j) What does the girl in the poem ‘Punishment’ symbolize?

Ans. The girl symbolizes Ireland as she was murdered at the hands of a group of oppressors.

k) What does Thomas mean by ‘Spindrift pages’?

Ans. Short-lived nature of his poems.

I) How was young Heaney alienated from his father?

Ans. Because of his foolishness and because he interfered with his serious work on the land.

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(Answer any five questions)


2. How does Whitman glorify death in “Song of Myself”? 

3. How does Yeats create a mixture of history myth and vision in the poem ‘Leda and the Swan’? 

4. What pastoral elements do you find in the poems of Robert Frost?

5. What are the symbols that Auden used in his poem ‘The Shield of Achilles’? 

6. Discuss the way of showing respect of the poet to his aunt in the poem After the Funeral’.

7. How has Seamus Heaney shown the transience of joy and beauty in Blackberry-Picking? 8. Justify Whitman as a poet of optimism. 

9. What tragic elements do you find in ‘Out, Out’? 

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(Answer any five questions)


10. Trace out the mystical elements in ‘Song of Myself. 

11. Can you call W.B. Yeats an Irish national poet? Elaborate your answer. 

12. Find out the dramatic qualities in Frost’s poems. 

13. Consider Auden as a modern poet.

14. Discuss the symbols used in the poems of Dylan Thomas.

15. How has Heaney expressed his concern about the voice of the silent and oppressed? 

16. Discuss Auden’s social consciousness. 

17. Discuss the theme of nostalgia in the poems of Dylan Thomas.

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