Previous Question Modern Poetry Exam 2018 NU Masters

Previous Question Modern Poetry Exam 2018 NU Masters


ENGLISH                                               মাফা-১০/২০১৮

Subject Code: 311103

(Modern Poetry)

ইউটিউবে ভিডিও লেকচার দেখুনঃ

Time-4 hours             Full marks-80

Part A

(Answer any ten questions)



a) In what sense does grass symbolize democracy?

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Ans. The grass knows no discrimination by growing at all places, it grows among black and also among white people. Thus it symbolizes democracy. 

b) What according to Whitman is ‘the handkerchief of the lord”?

Ans. The grass.

c) What does ‘golden bird’ symbolize to Yeats?

Ans. The liberated soul which neither undergoes any change, suffers from any conflict and confusion of which human beings are victims.

d) What is “intellectual hatred’?

Ans. The hatred of an educated and conscious person.

e) What does the poet assert in the poem ‘Fire and Ice’?

Ans. The destructive force of human passions, love and hatred.

f) What is the source of the title of the poem ‘Out and Out’?

Ans. Shakespeare’s Macbeth

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g) Why does Auden call a lover faithless?

Ans. Because he is a human being with necessary human imperfections and as is bound to be changeable in his love.

h) What does the title ‘The shield of Achilles’ signify?

Ans. Bravery and courage 

i) What are “suffered foxes” and “stale fern”?

Ans. Various articles of decoration in Aunt Jane’s room.

j) What are “mule praises”?

Ans. The expressions of the poet’s aunt’s mourners’ grief are only conventional but also stupid. So he calls their mourning ‘mule praises’.

k) What is the moral of the poem ‘Mowing’?

Ans. Real life with all its hard labour,can give greater pleasure.

l) What is ‘Spiritus Mundi’?

Ans. A universal memory and a muse of sorts that provides inspiration to the poet. 


(Answer any five questions)


2. Show Whitman as a poet of joy and optimism.

3. What does ‘Byzantium’ stand for in W.B. Yeats poems? 

4. “All changed, changed utterly; a terrible beauty is born” Explain. 

5. What tragic vision of life do you find in ‘Out, Out’? 

6. What are the symbols that Auden used in his poem “The Shield of Achilles”? 

7. How does Dylan Thomas pay respect to his aunt in “After the Funeral”? 

8. How is the poem ‘Punishment’ a satire against various injustices? 

9. What is Auden’s attitude to religion? 

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(Answer any five questions)


10. Trace mystical elements in ‘Song of Myself. 

11. What romantic elements do you find in the poems of W.B. Yeats? 

12. Examine Frost’s treatment of Nature.

13. What social consciousness do you find in Auden’s poems? 

14. How does Dylan Thomas treat the theme of religion in his poetry? 

15. Discuss the major themes in Seamus Heaney’s poems. 

16. Show W.B. Yeats as a patriotic poet.

17. Consider the poem “In Memory of W.B. Yeats” as an elegy. 

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