Previous Question Modern Poetry Exam 2020 NU Masters

Previous Question Modern Poetry Exam 2020 NU Masters


ENGLISH                                               মাফা-১০/২০২০

Subject Code: 311103

(Modern Poetry)

ইউটিউবে ভিডিও লেকচার দেখুনঃ

Time-4 hours             Full marks-80

Part A

(Answer any ten questions)



(a) . How does the poet’s self acquire a cosmic dimension in “Song of Myself”? 

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Ans. The poet’s ego or self expands, embracing all humanity. He asserts that he is an average American, rough and disorderly, given to the sensual pleasures- eating, drinking and breeding and he is no more modest than immodest.

(b). How does the poet ensure his immortality at the end of “Song of Myself!

Ans. Union with the Divine.

(c) What philosophy of life does Frost give in his poem “After Apple Picking

Ans. Like Adam and Eve, man must continue to work in his life.

(d). Why is Maud Gonne compared with Helen?

Ans. Her personality was high and solitary and most stern like Helen.

(e). How did Yeats receive a piece of “Lapis Lazuli”? 

Ans. With a carving on it, from a man called Harry Clifton.

(f) Who is the “She” in the poem The Shield of Achilles”?

Ans. Thetis, mother of Achilles.

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(g) What does Yeats mean by “Lednean body?

Ans. Beautiful figure of Maud Gonne.

(h) How does the poet criticize the role of his society in the poem “Casualty”? 

Ans. Saying that people obeyed the unofficial dictate from the IRA that they stay in doors.

(I) What does the poet mean by “Wintry fever in the poem “The Force That Through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower”?

Ans. Sickness of old age

(J) what sense, according to Auden, is a modern man prisoner of a system or society?

Ans. Being oppressed and enslaved by social and political systems.

(k) Who is the Tollund Man?

Ans. Who sacrificed to the goddess of fertility in the early iron age.

(l) What does the girl in the poem Punishment symbolize?

Ans.  Ireland 


(Answer any five questions)


2. Why does the poet celebrate his ownself in the poem ‘Song of Myself? 

3. How does Frost express his patriotic feeling in his poem “The Gift Outright”?

4. How does Frost react against child labour in the poem ‘Out, Out’? 

5. How is the poem ‘In Memory of W. B. Yeats’ different from the traditional elegy? 

6. How is ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ a villanelle? 

7. What is Heaney’s attitude to his forefathers as depicted in the poem “Digging’? 

8. Why is Auden called an anti-romantic poet? 

9. What is Yeats’ attitude to history and civilization?


(Answer any five questions)


10. How does Robert Frost connect nature to the human situations in his poems? 

11. Consider Auden as a modern poet.

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12. Discuss Yeats as a poet of love with reference to some of his poems.

13. Discuss the theme of nostalgia in the poems of Dylan Thomas. 

14. How has Heaney expressed his concern about the voice of the silent and oppressed? 

15. Trace out the mystical elements in ‘Song of Myself.

16. Show W.B. Yeats as a patriotic poet. 

17. Consider Whitman as a poet of joy and optimism.

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