Example of Problem Solution Essay Writing

Problem: Dropout among the Slum-Students is rising increasingly! What do you consider the reasons?

Solution: One of the major problems slum children face is being dropped out. Among the many, the principal reason is the poor financial condition. There exists severe poverty in slums due to overpopulation. This causes the untimely dropout of the children. By widening the free education system in those communities, we can overcome the problem. 

Firstly, economic hardship often forces families to prioritize immediate income over education. Additionally, inadequate infrastructure and resources in slum schools may fail to provide a helping learning environment. Social issues like crime and substance abuse can also negatively impact students’ commitment to education. Furthermore, the lack of parental involvement or guidance further worsens the problem. Finally, discrimination and disgrace faced by slum-dwellers can demotivate students, leading them to disengage from school. 

With 54,000 inhabitants, Korail, a 100-acre land area, is one of the largest slums in Bangladesh. People here lead their lives with low-paying jobs, and also most of them live below the poverty line.  These drawbacks force the parents to take their children to work. This problem should be solved immediately to stop the dropout issue among slum students. 


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