Restoration and 18th-Century Fiction Brief

What kind of a is Oroonoko?

Ans: Anti-colonial book.

Why does Oroonoko kill Imoinda?

Ans: To remove her subjugation and suffering after his death.

What is Royal veil?

ইউটিউবে ভিডিও লেকচার দেখুনঃ

Ans: A gift from the king to a woman.

How long did Crusoe stay in Brazil?

Ans: Four years.

Why was gunpowder very important to Crusoe?

Ans: Because with this he could hunt animal for his food and save himself from any wild beast.

What was Crusoe’s original sin?

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Ans: Disobeying his fathers’s command mother’s entreaties.

Who was Sophia?

Ans: Heroine of the novel, “Tom Jones”.

What is the subject matter of the novel “Tom Jones”?

Ans: Human nature.

Who were Big-Endian?

Ans: The people who follow the primitive style of breaking eggs.

Where did Gulliver stay as a captive in Lilliput?

Ans: In an ancient temple.

Who was High Admiral of Lilliput?

Ans: Skyresh Bolgolam.

 Who discovered Surinam?

Ans: The British settlers.

Who is the narrator in “Oroonoko”?

Ans: Aphra Behn.

 What does the numb eel symbolize?

 Ans: Oroonoko’s desire for power.

How long Crusoe stay at the isolated Island?

Ans: Twenty-eight years two months and nineteen days.

 How did Tom help Black George in the long run?

Ans: By selling his own horse.

Why did Tom buy a sword?

Ans: To take revenge on ensign Northerton.

 With whom did Sophia stay in the city of London?

Ans: Lady Bellaston.

Ans: Because she felt sexual feeling.

What did Crusoe’s father want him to study?

Ans: To study Law.

  •  How was Crusoe turned into a slave from a merchant?

Ans: Crusoe’s ship was attacked by the pirates and Crusoe was taken as prisoner into Sallee and then he was turned into a slave.

Whom do the Lilliputians represent allegorically?

Ans: The Englishmen.

  •  Who was Jenny Jones?

Ans: Mrs. Allworthy’s servant.

  •  What is the setting of the novel “Oroonoko”?

Ans: Surinam.

  •  What is a picaresque novel?

Ans: Episode style-based dealing with the life style of dishonest and rough but attractive hero is called picaresque novel.

  •  Why was Tom imprisoned in London?

Ans: On the charge of an attempt to murder Mr. Fitzpatrick.

  •  Describe the beauty of Imoinda?

Ans: Very beautiful, charming, attractive and modest.

  •  How does Oroonoko fall in love with Imoinda?

Ans: When he sees her exceptional beauty and modest.

  •  Who is Caesar?

Ans: Oroonoko’s new Christian name given by Trefry.

  •  What did Crusoe’s father advise him about his ambition?

Ans: According to his father, adventure was only for either the rich or the poor not for the middle class. He advised him to study law.

  •  How did Crusoe build his habitation in the island?

Ans: He built a home and then made a table and chair and necessary goods and started cultivation.

  •  How did Crusoe witness a group of cannibals feasting on human flesh?

Ans: Crusoe suddenly saw a fire on the shore and saw that some naked savages sat near the fire and began to eat human flesh.

  •  Why did Crusoe decide at last to sell Xuny to the captain?

Ans: Because the captain promised him to release Xuny after ten years if he was faithful and turned into Christian.

  •  Who was Crusoe’s neighbour in Brazil?

Ans: A Portuguese from Lisbon named Mr. Wells.

  •  What is Otan?

Ans: Otan is the name of the place where harem of the African king was kept.

  •  What is the nationality of Imoinda?

Ans: African.

  •  Who was Byam?

Ans: Deputy-governor of Surinam.

  •  Where was Lagadu?

Ans: The metropolis of the flying island, Laputa.

  •  In which novel do you get the description of Surinam?

Ans: In “Oroonoko”.

  •  How did Gulliver reach the island of Laputa?

Ans: The pirates left him in Laputa seizing all of his belongings.

  •  How did Gulliver impress the Queen.?

Ans: By answering all of her questions successfully.

  •  Why did Gulliver seize the fleet of Blefuscu?

Ans: To save Lilliput.

  •  What is black Friday?

Ans: Punishment day.

  •  What does the name ‘Allworthy’ signify?

Ans: The name holder is worthy, generous and helpful to the poor.

  •  How does Oroonoko receive his poetic justice?

Ans: By becoming slave from slave trader.

  •  How was Gulliver taken to the capital city from the sea-shore?

Ans: By binding him down to a kind of stretcher pulled by fifteen hundred of the emperor’s largest horses, each about four inches and a half high.

  •  Who did Miss Bridget marry in “Tom Jones”?

Ans: Captain Blifil.

  •  What name did Crusoe give to the rescued man?

Ans: Friday.

  •  What was the name of the metropolis of Brobdingnag?

Ans: Lorbrulgrad or the Pride of the Universe.

  •  How many seamstresses were employed to prepare dress for Gulliver?

Ans: Two hundred.

  •  How did Oroonoko learn humanity?

Ans: From the old general, the father of Imoinda.

  •  What are the two races mentioned in Part IV of “Gulliver’s Travels”?

Ans: Yahoos and Houyhnhnms.

  •  Which port of France did Crusoe take ship from?

Ans: Port of Calais.

  •  What is the title of the 4th part of “Gulliver’s Travels”?

Ans: “A Voyage to the Land of the Houyhnhnms.”

  •  How was Gulliver called by the Lilliputians?

Ans: “Quinebus Flestrine” or Man-Mountain.

  •  Who is the real mother of Tom Jones?

Ans: Bridget Allworthy.

  •  When does Oroonoko see Imoinda for the first time?

Ans: In his grandfather’s court.

  •  How did Gulliver escape from the island of Lilliput to Blefuscu?

Ans: Gulliver escaped from the island of Lilliput by Crossing the Channel to Blefuscu.

  •  What is Coramantien?

Ans: British-held fort and slave market on the Gold Coast of Africa.

  •  Who is Banister?

Ans: A rich Irishman and killer of Oroonoko.

  •  How did Robinson build a raft?

Ans: Using broken lumber, scrap pieces of the ship’s wood.

  •  Who is Xury?

Ans: A young boy who is loyal to Robinson.

  •  Who is Flimnap?

Ans: Flimnap is the Lord High Treasurer of Lilliput.

  •  What was the name of the ship of the first voyage of Gulliver?

Ans: Antelope.

  •  Who is Molly Seagrim?

Ans: Tom’s first love.

  •  What is the name of Allworthy’s sister?

Ans: Miss Bridget Allworthy.

  •  What is Surinam?

Ans: Colony in America.

  •  Who brings Oroonoko to Surinam/

Ans: A British slave trader.

  • Who is Aboan?

Ans: Oroonoko’s friend.

  •  Who were the secret enemies of Gulliver in Lilliput?

Ans: Skyresh Bolgolam and Flimnap.

  •  What kind of novel is “Tom Jones”?

Ans: A novel of manner.

  •  What kind of writing is “Gulliver’s Travels”?

Ans: A satirical fiction.

  •  What title was awarded to Gulliver for his valiant deed in Lilliput?

Ans: Nardic.

  •  What is the subject matter of the novel “Oroonoko”?

Ans: Slavery system.

  •  Where was Robinson Crusoe born?

Ans: In the city of York in 1632.

  •  How did Gulliver start his third voyage?

Ans: As a surgeon in William Robinson’s ship.

  •  What is the setting of the novel “Tom Jones”?

Ans: Somersetshire and London in the first half of the 18th century.

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