Restoration and 18th Century Poetry and Drama Brief Suggestion 2018-19

1. Who is Umbriel? 

Ans- A mischievous Gnome.

2. Who is Foible? 

Ans- The maidservant of Lady Wishfort.

3. What is Belindas lock of hair turned into? 

ইউটিউবে ভিডিও লেকচার দেখুনঃ

Ans- A group of stars.

4. What type of play is The Way of the World

Ans- A comedy of manner.

5. What does the black box contain in the play The Way of the World

Ans- The writings of Waitwell’s whole estate.

6. Who is Witwould? 

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Ans- Lady Wishfort’s forty-year-old nephew.

7. Why has Mr. Fainall married Mrs. Fainall? 

Ans- Only to get money.

8. What is an elegy? 

Ans- A lyric poem mourning the death of an individual or over a tragic event.

9. Who was Baron? 

Ans- Lord Petre.

10. Name the pet of Belinda. 

Ans- Shock.

11. What is prologue? 

Ans- A speech at the beginning of a play, book or film.

12. What was the result of the game played by Belinda? 

Ans- She won the game defeating the Baron and other male friend.

13. Why does Tony take revenge on his mother? 

Ans- Because she has spoiled him by pampering and has kept away his inheritance.

14. What was the sole duty of Ariel? 

Ans- To protect the beautiful women.

15. What is the final advice Mr. Hardcastle to Marlow? 

Ans– He should not mistake his wife as he has mistaken his mistress for a bar-maid.

16. Who is Mr. Hardcastle? 

Ans- An old-fashioned country squire.

17. What is comedy of manner? 

Ans- A type of comedy which represents the behavior and deportment of men and women living under specific social codes.

18. What is Popish Plot? 

Ans- A fictitious conspiracy against English Catholics in 1678.

19. How is Absalom and Achitophel ended? 

Ans- With God’s approval of the King’s stern action against his enemies.

20. How old is Lady Wishfort? 

Ans– fifty-five.

21. What are the principal themes of the comedy of manners? 

Ans- Love, marriage, adulterous relationships, amours and legacy conflicts.

22. Who is Mincing? 

Ans- The maid of Millamant.

23. What does Proviso-scene mean?

 Ans- Conditioning scene.

24. Who had supplied the Baron a pair of Scissors? 

Ans- Clarrisa.

25. Who was Cromwell? 

Ans- A great ruler of England.

26. Who is Milton (1608-1674)? 

Ans- The great English poet and scholar.

27. What is the purpose of Drydens Absalom and Achitophel? 

Ans- To rouse popular feeling against Shaftesbury and to secure his indictment.

28. How is Zimri an unqualified ruler? 

Ans- A man of unstable character, had a great interest in poetry, women, painting and drinking.

29. Explain the significance of the reference to moon in the poem Absalom and Achitophel

Ans- The passing of one month.

30. What is Absalom and Achitophel

Ans- One of the finest English political satire.

31. What is a curse to the English nation? 

Ans- The Popish Plot.

32. How does Pope open his mock-heroic poem? 

Ans- In the typical epic fashion with an invocation to the Muse.

33. Who wrote waiting on the goddess of Spleen? 

Ans– Ill-nature and Affectation.

34. What is sizar? 

Ans- A student who was admitted at reduced fees in a college, had to do certain menial work in return.

35. Why does Mrs. Hardcastle want to visit the city of London? 

Ans- In order to acquire the manners of the fashionable society of London.

36. How was the house of Mr. Hardcastle? 

Ans- An old-fashioned decayed house which looked like an inn.

37. What is the Three Pigeons? 

Ans- The Three Pigeons is an old alehouse where Tony visits.

38. Who is Millamant? 

Ans- Niece and ward of Lady Wishfort.

39. How was Belindas beauty enhanced? 

Ans- By two beautiful curling side-locks of hair which charmingly set off her white neck.

40. What is Ombre? 

Ans- A game played among three.

41. What is Hampton Court? 

Ans- A Royal place where Britain’s statesmen discussed politics and Queen Anne had residence.

42. Who is Miss Neville? 

Ans- The niece of Mrs. Hardcastle.

43. Who was King Solomon? 

Ans- A Jewish king famous for his wealth and wisdom.

44. Who are the Adam-wits? 

Ans- The English.

45. Who reveals Mirabells false love to Lady Wishfort? 

Ans– Mrs. Marwood.

46. What is the sub-title of the play She Stoops to conquer

Ans- ‘The Mistakes of a Night’.

47. Who was young Marlow? 

Ans- The son of Sir Charles Marlow.

48. What is an epitaph? 

Ans- An inscription on a tomb.

49. Who falls prey to his ambition to overthrow the king? 

Ans– Absalom.

50. Whom does Achitophel stand for? 

Ans- Anthony Ashley Cooper, the first Earl of Shaftesbury.

51. Who plays the role of Sir Rowland? 

Ans- Waitwell.

52. Who is Tony Lumpkin? 

Ans-The son of Dorothy (Mrs. Hardcastle) by her first husband, Mr. Lumpkin.

53. Who is Belinda? 

Ans- The heroine of ‘The Rape of the Lock’.

54. Which age did Goldsmith belong to? 

Ans- Augustan age.

55. Who suggested Pope to write this epic? 

Ans- Mr. Caryll.

56. What is the setting of the play She Stoops to conquer

Ans- A chamber of a country Squire at some distance from London.

57. What is the sub-plot of the play She Stoops to conquer

Ans- Hastings-Constance love story.

58. How are the eyes Belinda? 

Ans- So bright that they rival the brightness of the sun.

59. What is the subject matter of the poem The Rape of the Lock

Ans- A trivial love affair of a young man and a lady.

60. Who are the two fobs in the play The Way of the World

Ans- Witwould and Petulant.

61. Where did the goddess of Spleen live? 

Ans- In the center of the earth in a dark cave.

62. What qualities does Marlow possess? 

Ans- Educated, understanding, liberal, young, handsome and reserved.

63. What is the fortune of Miss Neville? 

Ans- A casket of jewels.

64. Who are Salamanders? 

Ans- The souls of fiery, quarrelsome women pass into the fire and are called Salamanders.

65. What is Bucks Head? 

Ans- An invented name for an inn.

66. What is an ode? 

Ans- An exalted lyric poem that begins with an address to someone expressing grief or agony but ends with consolation, deals with a serious theme.

67. What is the marital status of Lady Wishfort? 

Ans- Widow.

68. What is Sion? 

Ans- Sion is Zion, ‘the city of Devil’.

69. Who is Belindas personal beautician? 

Ans- Betty.

70. Who is Absalom? 

Ans- The third son of David, King of Israel.

71. Who recites the prologue to the play She Stoops to conquer

Ans- Woodward.

72. Why is Constance reluctant to elope with Hasting? 

Ans- Because her jewelry was in the possession of her aunt.

73. Who are called Nymphs? 

Ans- The gentle natured women pass into water and are called Nymphs.

74. Why did the Popish Plot fail? 

Ans– Because the persons engaged in it lacked common sense.



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