Special Brief American Literature(বাংলায়)

Question: Young Goodman Brown

1. What is an allegory?

Ans: An allegory is a narrative or artwork that symbolizes abstract ideas or moral concepts.

2. What does the pink ribbon symbolize?

Ans: It symbolizes innocence and childishness.

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3. What is remarkable about the staff carried by the fellow traveler?

Ans: It looks like a black serpent that seems to be a living serpent.

4. How did the devil help Brown’s father?

Ans: During King Philip’s war, the devil passed his father a pitch-pine knot burnt on his own hearth to set fire to an Indian village.

5. Who is according to Brown ‘a very pious and exemplary dame’?

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Ans: Goody Cloyse is remembered as a pious and excellent lady who taught him his religion as a child.

6. What shape does the fellow traveler take?

Ans: The fellow traveler takes the shape of old Goodman Brown, the grandfather of Young Goodman Brown.

7. Where did Young Goodman Brown find the pink ribbon in the wood?

Ans. After it floated lightly down through the air, he discovered the pink ribbon hooked on a tree branch.

8. Who were present at the unholy congregation?

আরো পড়ুনঃWhat is an Allegory? Evaluate ‘Young Goodman Brown’ as an allegory.(বাংলায়)

Ans. Members of the council board of the province, lady of the governor, wives of honoured husbands, widows, fair young girls, church members of Salem village, women of spotted fame, saints and sinners, Indian priests and many other were present at the unholy congregation.

9. What is this evil congregation referred to in witchcraft?

Ans. This malicious gathering is known as the witches’ Sabbath in witchcraft. 

10. Why did Young Goodman Brown feel a loathful brotherhood?

Ans. By sympathizing with all that was evil in his heart, young Goodman Brown felt a loathful brotherhood.

11. Who beckoned Young goodman Brown to advance?

Ans: The shape of his dead father beckoned him to advance.

12. Who warned Brown back?

Ans. His mother extended her hand to beckon Brown to turn back.

13. Who is Martha Carrier?

Ans: She is a wild demon and a participant in the wicked communion.

14. What ceremony does the assembly or gathering in the forest parody?

Ans. The gathering in the forest is a mockery of a wedding ceremony.

15. Why did the devil want to baptize the couple? 

Ans. The devil planned to place the mark of baptism on the couple’s foreheads so that they could engage in the mystery of sin.

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16. How is young Goodman Brown changed by his time in the forest? 

Ans. He returns believing that his hometown’s residents are evil.

17. Who was most excited to see Brown after the gathering?

Ans. His wife Faith.

18. What happens to Brown on Sabbath day?

Ans. Brown couldn’t listen to the congregations singing a holy psalm on the Sabbath because of the awful experience he had in the dark forest.

19. What symbol of Hell and damnation appears in the forest?

Ans. The forest’s burning trees and fires serve as an image of hell and damnation.

20. When does young Goodman Brown leave town and go into the forest?

Ans. Young Goodman Brown leaves town and go into the forest in the evening.

21. What happens to Young Goodman Brown in the forest?

Ans: Young Goodman Brown loses faith in men’s underlying goodness and becomes suspicious, sad, and a perpetual hater of society’s inhabitants.

22. Who tells us who the man in the forest is?

Ans: Goody Cloyce screamed that the man in the forest was the devil, who pushed his staff forward and touched her withered neck with what appeared to be the serpent’s tail, 

23. How does the man in the forest help Goody Cloyce?

Ans: The man in the jungle assisted Goody Cloyce by throwing his staff at her feet, where it emerged to life. Goody Cloyce rode it to the forest for Holy Communion. pres

24. Who is Brown worried about harming?

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Ans. Brown is worried about harming his wife Faith by breaking her heart.

25. What type of story is Young Goodman brown? Ans: It is an allegorical short story.

26. Who is Goody Cloyce?

Ans: She is a citizen of Salem village who reveals herself to be a witch. She is a Christian woman who helps young people learn the Bible but in secret she performs magic ceremonies.

27. Which village did young Goodman brown live in?

Ans: He lived in Salem village. 

28. How long ago has Goodman brown been married to faith?

Ans: Mr. brown has been married to faith for three months.

29. What Christian faith does Hawthorne criticized in young Goodman brown?

Ans: Puritanism.

30. Whom does Goodman brown meet first in the forest?

Ans: He first meets an elderly man who astonishingly looks like Brown.

31. What was Goodman Brown’s advice to his wife when he was leaving Salem village? 

Ans: He advised his wife to say her prayers and go to bed at dusk.

The Hairy Ape

1. Which best describes Yank’s job abroad the ship?

Ans. A Coal Stoker. 

2. Which Fireman talks about Marxist ideas?

Ans. Long talks about Marxist ideas.

3. What Rodin statue does Yank occasionally resemble?

Ans. “The Thinker”.

4. What does Yank admire about the ape?

Ans. He admires the ape’s strong arms.

5. What does Yank describe Hell?

Ans. As his living place.

6. What does Long say the engineers were exhibiting them like?

Ans. Monkeys.

7. What does Yank compare prison to?

Ans. He compares prison to a zoo. 

8. How does Yank pronounce the word “Think”?

Ans. He pronounces the word as Tink.

9. What does Long say if Mildred’s father has enough gold to do?

Ans. He will Sink the ship. ure Xpres

10. What animal does O’Neill compare Paddy’s face to?

Ans. He compares Paddy’s face to a monkey. 

11. What does Mildred’s aunt call her?

Ans. She call her a ghoul.

আরো পড়ুনঃaul Bellow’s Attitude Toward Contemporary American Society. (বাংলায়)

12. What is a ghoul?

Ans. It is such a spirit which eats up on the dead. 

13. How does Mildred behave towards the engineer?

Ans. Mildred’s behavior towards the engineer is Rude.

14. When she visits the stokehole, how does she feel? 

Ans. She is seized with panic.

15. With which animal does she compare Yank?

Ans. Hairy Ape.

16. What is Yank’s reaction when he sees Mildred in the stokehole?

Ans. He thinks her as a white ghost.

17.How does Yank feel when he is called hairy ape?

Ans. He feels insulted and gets angry.

18. What happens to Yank at last?

Ans. He dies at a zoo.

19. What is Yank’s last realization?

Ans: At last, he finds no meaning of his life.

20. Where was Yank imprisoned?

Ans: He was imprisoned in a prison located on Blackwell’s Island.

21. What is Yank’s real name?

Ans: Bob Smith.

22. What is the Stokehole?

Ans: Stokehole is the ship’s engine room.

23. Where does the last scene of the play the Hairy Ape take place? 

Ans: the last scene of the play takes place at the zoo.

The Sun Also Rises

আরো পড়ুনঃDiscuss the Significance of the Title “The Sun Also Rises”.(বাংলায়)

1. Did Robert Cohn like boxing?

Ans. No, Robert Cohn did not like boxing.

2. Who was the boxing master of Robert Cohn?

Ans. Spider Kelly was the boxing master of Robert Cohn.

3. Who had flattened the nose of Robert Cohn?

Ans. Spider Kelly had flattened the nose of Robert Cohn. 

4. Whom did Robert Cohn’s wife go off with?

Ans. With a miniature painter.

5. How many dollars did Cohn’s father leave?

Ans: Fifty thousand dollars.

6. Where did Robert Cohn go after the divorce?

Ans. Robert Cohn went to the Coast (California) after the divorce.

7. What was the name of the lady who brought Robert Cohn to Europe? 

Ans. The name of the lady is Frances who brought Robert Cohn in Europe.

8. Who was kicking the narrator under the table while they were planning for a picnic? 

Ans. Frances was kicking the narrator under the table while they were planning for a picnic.

9. What did Cohn come to America with?

Ans: With the novel what he wrote in Europe.

10. Which book is a very sinister book if it has been read in late life?

Ans. The Purple Land.

11. Where did Robert Cohn want to go after reading “The Purple Land”?

Ans. South America after reading.

12. Whom did Robert Cohn want to take with him to visit South America?

Ans. Robert Cohn wanted to take Jake with him to visit South America.

13. Why did Robert Cohn want to take Jack with him to his south America tour?

Ans. Robert Cohn wanted to take Jake with him because Jake could speak Spanish as it is widely spoken in South America.

14. Whom does Hemingway present as ‘lost his generation’ in his “The sun also rises”? 

Ans Lady Brett Ashley and Jake Barnes, two of the novel’s primary characters, exemplify the Lost Generation.

15. Who is the writer of “The Purple Land”?

Ans: W.H. Hudson.

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16. What does the title the sun also rises signify?

Ans: the importance of time and the cycle of life.

17. Who is the narrator of the novel the sun also rises? 

Ans: Jacob (Jake) Burnes is the narrator of this novel.

18. Where did the major character of the sun also rises reunite?

Ans: They reunited in Madrid. 

19. Mention one distinctive quality of Hemingway’s narrative technique.

Ans: The short and brief sentences.

Seize the Day

1. From which philosophy does the title come?

Ans. It comes from ‘Carpe Diem” philosophy.

2. What was the novella called?

Ans. It is called a Modern novel, American-Jewish novel, or Novella.

3. Why is Tommy going down to the lobby?

Ans. Tommy is going to the lobby to collect his mail and to have breakfast.

4. Who was Rubin?

Ans. Rubin is an agent at the newsstand.

5. What did his father say about Wilhelm’s income?

Ans. His father said that his income was up in the five figures.

6. Who was not born artist?

Ans. Catherine was not born artist.

7. Which story did Dr. Tamkin tell Wilhelm?

Ans. Dr. Tamkin told a strange story of a woman who had two husbands.

8. Who said to Wilhelm ‘seize the day’?

Ans. Dr. Tamkin said to Wilhelm ‘seize the day”.

9. Who was the only person to cry in the funeral procession? 

Ans. Wilhelm was the only person to cry in the funeral procession.

10. What did the present people think Wilhelm in the funeral procession?

Ans. Wilhelm is a relative of the dead man. 

আরো পড়ুনঃaul Bellow’s Attitude Toward Contemporary American Society. (বাংলায়)

11. What did Wilhelm think about the change of his name?

Ans: With his name, he couldn’t change his lungs or attitude.

12. Where was Tommy Wilhelm living? 

Ans: He was living in Hotel Gloriana in New York.

13. What is a novella?

Ans: A novella is a short fictional prose narrative that is longer than a short story but shorter than a novel.

14. What is the meaning of the title ‘Seize the Day’? 

Ans: The title “Seize the Day” means to take advantage of the present moment and make the most of one’s opportunities.

15. Who is Dr. Tamkin?

Ans: He is a so-called psychologist.

16. How old is Tommy Wilhelm?

Ans: He is 44 years old.


1. Who tells Sethe that her scars resemble a chokecherry tree?

Ans. Amy Denver.

2. Schoolteacher could be said to represent what?

Ans. The schoolteacher could represent scientific abuse and the role of science in justifying slavery. 

3. How did Sethe pay for the word ‘Beloved’ on her deceased child’s tombstone? 

Ans. By having sex with the stone carver.

4. Sethe escaped from a farm called what?

Ans. Sethe escaped from a farm called Sweet Home. 

5. Whose heart is compared with a tin tobacco box?

Ans. Paul D’s heart is compared with a tin tobacco box.

6. What is 124 located?

Ans: Just outside of Cincinnati Ohio, 

7. Who is the protagonist of Beloved?

Ans: Sethe is the protagonist.

8. Who disturbs Sethe and Paul’s relationship?

Ans: Beloved disturbs their relationship. 

9. How many children did she have with Halley?

Ans: Four.

10. Who is baby Suggs in Beloved?

Ans: She was Sethe’s mother-in-law.

11. What is 124 bluestones in the novel Beloved?

Ans: 124 bluestone refers to the number of the house that is inhabited by Sethe and her two daughters.

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