The Padma Bridge

The Padma Bridge

[17th NTRCA, 2023]

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the Padma Bridge, a lifelong dream of Bangladeshi people, on June 25, 2024. Spanning the Padma River is a vital link between Louhajong and Shariatpur, Madaripur, and the southwest and northern regions—the bridge is funded entirely by the Government of Bangladesh. The bridge consists of 41 sections, each 150.12 m (492.5 ft) long and 22 meters (72 ft) wide, with a total length of 6.15 km (3.82 mi) . It has enhanced communication and transportation, benefiting six crore individuals across 19 southern districts. The project started in 2014 and was executed by the China Major Bridge Engineering Construction Company Limited. It has employed 20,000 people, including 2,000 foreigners. It has connected 19 southwestern districts with the eastern part of the country, fostering economic development and improving living standards. The Padma Bridge signifies a significant milestone in Bangladesh’s journey, symbolizing hope, confidence, and faith in a prosperous future. The Padma Bridge is the largest in Bangladesh. As the government of Bangladesh has initiated the project with its funds, overcoming all the challenges is itself a new beginning. This bridge has a significant impact on the development of the country’s economy. The bridge will increase 1.2% in the total GDP and a 35% increase in the gross production from the Southern region.

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