Victorian Poetry Brief Suggestion

1.What type of poem is Locksley Hall?

Ans: Dramatic monologue.

2.How would Amy become like her mother?

Ans: By lecturing her own child in the way that her mother lectured her.

3.What inspired Lord Alfred Tennyson to write the poem Lotos Eaters?

ইউটিউবে ভিডিও লেকচার দেখুনঃ

Ans: Homer’s Odyssey.

4.Who was Oenone?

Ans: In Greek myth, Oenone was a mountain nymph and the first wife of Paris, the prince of Troy.

5.Who was Andrea del Sarto?

Ans: A great painter of the Florentine School.

6.Why did Lucrezias lover hope to get money from Lucrezia?

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Ans: Because Lucrezia’s lover is under gambling debts.

7.Who are compared to rats in Fra Lippo Lippi?

Ans: The monks who go out pleasure seeking and enter into the homed of prostitutes.

8. What lesson has Lippo learnt from Bible?

Ans: God had placed Adam in the Garden of Eden and given him Eve for sexual pleasure.

9. What type of poem is The Last Ride Together?

Ans: Dramatic monologue.

10. Who is the listener in My Last Duchess?

Ans: An emissary of the Duke’s prospective second wife.

11.Who is the scholar gipsy?

Ans: A scholar who took to gipsy company and wandered with them in search of truth.

12.When did Arnold visit Dover Beach?

Ans: In 1851.

13.What is meant by shepherds holiday?

Ans: The unproductive period of Arnold which extended from 1857 to 1886.

14. The falcon is the crown prince of what?

Ans: The kingdom of daylight.

15.How does the poem Ulysses end?

Ans: The poem ends with Ulysses exhorting his comrades to ‘strive, to seek, to find and not to yield’.

16.What is pastoral elegy?

Ans: A poem in which the poet speaks in the guise of a shepherd in a peaceful landscape and expresses his grief on the death of another shepherd.

17. What does the sea of faith symbolize?

Ans: Religion.

18. What is Victorian compromise?

Ans: The compromise between religion and science, reason and faith, democracy and aristocracy, and conjugal felicity and married life in Victorian era.

19. What are lotos eaters?

Ans: The people described in the Odyssey who lived in a drugged, indolent state from feeding on the lotos.

20. Why is the modern life called a strange disease?

Ans: Because it has brought sordid materialism and maddening skepticism.

21. What is a dramatic monologue?

Ans: A poem that presents a moment in which a speaker discusses a topic and reveals his personal feelings to a listener.

22. Who is in the poem Dover Beach addressed to?

Ans: The speaker’s beloved.

23. What is the source of Mankinds sorrow?

Ans: The first disobedience and the original sin.

24. What does Arnold lament in Dover Beach for?

Ans: Arnold laments for the loss of religious faith in the Victorian age.

25. What do you mean by Brute beauty? 

Ans: Brute beauty means natural and untouched beauty.

26. What is the theme of the poem An Apple Gathering?

Ans: The shameful condition of the fallen woman in the patriarchal society.

27. Why did the sailors decide not to return?

Ans: Under the influence of the lotos the sailors decide not to return home.

28. Who is Amy?

Ans: The speaker’s cousin and beloved.

29. Which is a land of stream?

Ans: The Lotos-Land.

30.  Who is Leonard?

Ans: He is Leonard da Vinci, a painter, sculptor and architect.

31. Who was Jerome?

Ans: Saint Jerome was a Roman Christian priest, confessor, theologian and historian.

32. Why, according to Arnold, the Scholar Gipsy cannot die?

Ans: According to Arnold the Scholar Gipsy cannot die because he did not fritter away his energies by constant changes of pursuits.

33. Who was Dido?

Ans: The queen of Carthage who fell in love with Aeneas, a Trojan hero.

34. What is Dover?

Ans: A seaport on the English Channel.

35. Who was Sophocles?

Ans: One of the most celebrated Greek tragedians who lived during 495-405 BC.

36. When was Tennyson awarded the chancellors Gold Medal?

Ans: In 1829 for “Timbuctoo”.

37. What is Arnolds view of world as expressed in Dover Beach?

Ans: To Arnold, the world is full of pain without joy, love and peace.

38. The moon lies fair/upon the Straits what is strait?

Ans: A strait is a narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water.

39. Where is the France Coast?

Ans: The France Coast is on the other side of the English Channel.

40. What is a cliff?

Ans: A high area of rock with a very steep side.

41.Who is Neptune?

Ans: The Roman god of sea.

42. Who is the Dukes object?

Ans: The daughter of the count.

43. Who was Tennyson?

Ans: A Victorian poet born on Lincolnshire.

44. What did Hera offer to Paris?

Ans: Royal power, ample unquestionable rule and overflowing revenue to embellish state.

45.What is Fiesole?

Ans: A town near Florence, the centre of the Renaissance.

45. Who caught Lippo at night?

Ans: The watchmen.

46. What is the gipsy -lore?

Ans: The secret art of the gypsies.

47.What does the scholar gipsy symbolize?

Ans: The spiritual quest and idealism.

48. Who was Felix Randal?

Ans: A farrier.

49. What is addressed by Mornings minion.

Ans: The falcon.

50. What is Locksley Hall?

Ans: Locksley Hall is an imaginary mansion.

51. Why is the speaker of the Locksley Hall frustrated?

Ans: Because he cannot marry his beloved Amy.

52. What does the word Sarto mean?

Ans: Tailor.

53. Who is Thyrsis?

Ans: The name of a shepherd in Theocritus. But in the poem Arnold mentions his friend, Arthur Hugh Clough by using the name.

54. What about the poem The Lotus Eater is?

Ans: The poem is about a group of the people described in the Odyssey.

55.What type of poem is Oenone?

Ans: Allegorical poem.

56. To whom did Tithonus ask for immortality?

Ans: Aurora, the goddess of dawn.

57. Where do Andrea and Lucrezia live?

Ans: Florence.

58. What is lacking in Andreas painting?

Ans: Soul or ecstatic brightness.

59.What is Andreas view about truth?

Ans: To Arnold, Truth is not a marketable commodity.

60. How are Amys parents?

Ans: They are apparent taskmaster who opposed Amy’s relationship with the speaker.

61.What does the phrase Andrea del Sarto?

Ans: The phrase means ‘Andrea, the son of a tailor’.

62. How does the Duke treat his wife?

Ans: The Duke treats his wife as his personal property.

63. What did Felix Randal use to make?

Ans: He used to make horseshoes.

64. Where is the Aegean Sea?

Ans: The Aegean Sea is in between Greece and Anatolia.

65.Who is faultless painter?

Ans: Andrea del Sarto.

66. Come to the window to whom Arnold is inviting here?

Ans: His wife Frances Lucy Wightman.

67. What does Tithonus urge Aurora?

Ans: Tithonus urges Aurora to let him return to earth, where like other happy men, he would also die and be buried in his grave.

68.How was the eyes of Amy?

Ans: Her eyes were light brown in color like hazel nut.

69. Who was Joseph Glanvill?

Ans: A stern moralist of the seventeenth century.

70. What is monody?

Ans: A monody is an elegy in which the mourner expresses his feelings of grief and sorrow over the death of his near and dear one.

71. What does the choric song express?

Ans: The choric song expresses the resolution of the sailors to stay in the land of the Lotos Eaters forever.

72. Why did the Scholar leave the alehouse?

Ans: Because the Scholar did not like the noisy drinking of the villagers.

73. What is Pleiades? 

Ans: A cluster of stars in the constellation Taurus.

74. How does the poem Andrea del Sarto end?

Ans: The poem ends with Lucrezia’s lover waiting for her,and del Sarto, forlon and despairing, telling her to go to him.

75. What is Ida?

Ans: Ida refers to mountains on the west coast of Asia Minor on the Aegean Sea.

76. Who is Tithonus?

Ans: The lover of Aurora, the goddess of dawn.

77.Who is Lucrezia?

Ans: The wife of Andrea.

78. What kind of man is the Duke?

Ans: The Duke is an emotionally cold, calculating, materialistic, haughty, aristocratic connoisseur.

79.What kind of poem is The Scholar Gipsy?

Ans: A pastoral elegy.

80.How does the poem Pied Beauty open?Ans: The poem opens with an offering, “Glory to be God for dappled things”.


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