What is a Letter?

Question: What is a letter? Give the classifications of Letters.

A letter is a written message from one person to another. So we can easily say that a letter is a written communication between two persons or two parties. There are different types of letters. They are, 

Formal letter: This type of letter is used for official or business correspondence, such as job applications, inquiries, and complaints. Formal letters usually follow a standard format and use a polite tone.

Informal letter: An informal letter is a personal letter that is typically sent to family or friends. They can be written in a more casual tone, and the format can vary depending on the writer’s preference.

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Cover letter: A cover letter is typically submitted along with a resume when applying for a job. It highlights the applicant’s qualifications and interest in the position.

Recommendation letter: This type of letter is written to support someone’s application for a job, scholarship, or other opportunity. The letter usually discusses the person’s skills, accomplishments, and character.

Thank-you letter: A thank-you letter is written to express gratitude for a gift, favor, or other kind gesture. It can be sent after a job interview, a wedding, or any other occasion where gratitude is appropriate.

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Resignation letter: A resignation letter is written by an employee who is leaving a job. It typically includes the date of resignation and a brief explanation for leaving.

Complaint letter: This type of letter is written to express dissatisfaction with a product, service, or company. It can be addressed to a customer service department or other appropriate party.

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