What is a Report?

Question: What is a report? Classification of Report.

A report is a formal document that provides information on a specific topic or subject. It is typically prepared in response to a request from an individual or organization and is used to inform, analyze, or recommend actions based on the data presented. Reports can be classified in a variety of ways based on their purpose, format, or content. Here are some common classifications:

Formal and Informal Reports: Formal reports are official documents that follow a specific structure and are often required in a professional setting. Informal reports, on the other hand, are typically shorter and more casual, often used in internal communication.

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Periodic Reports: These reports are prepared at regular intervals, such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. They are often used to track progress and identify trends over time.

Investigative Reports: These reports are prepared to investigate a specific event, issue, or problem. They may be used to recommend actions or changes based on the findings.

Internal and External Reports: Internal reports are circulated within an organization, and external reports are created for people outside of the organization.

Progress report: This type of report provides updates on the progress of a project, task, or activity. It includes information on achievements, challenges, and future plans.

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Research report: This type of report presents the results of research conducted on a specific topic or question. It includes a literature review, research methodology, findings, and conclusions.

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