Why Does the Briarty in A Passage to India Fail? (বাংলায়)

Question: Why does the bridge party in A Passage to India fail?

The bridge party in E.M. Forster’s (1879-1970) novel “A Passage to India” fails due to the deep-seated cultural and racial tensions between the British colonizers and the native Indians.

Racial Prejudice: Firstly, the party exposes the inherent racial prejudice held by the British towards the Indians. As illustrated by Mrs. Turton’s remark, “We can’t be too careful,” the British community displays a sense of superiority and fear of mingling with the Indians, reflecting the prevailing racial hierarchy.

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Cultural Misunderstanding: Secondly, cultural misunderstanding and miscommunication contribute to the party’s downfall. Dr. Aziz, an Indian, mistakenly believes that he’s been invited to the party for a friendly purpose, while the British guests view him as an entertainer. This disparity in expectations culminates in a tense atmosphere, exemplified by Dr. Aziz’s frustration: “They were not unfriendly, but they were inattentive.”

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Traumatic Encounter in the Marabar: Lastly, the presence of Adela Quested’s traumatic encounter in the Marabar Caves further exacerbates the tensions. Her accusation of Dr. Aziz’s attempted assault during the party shocks both communities and intensifies the divide. Adela’s statement, “I saw him distinctly,” creates a chasm of distrust and suspicion.

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In conclusion, the failure of the bridge party in “A Passage to India” is rooted in deep-rooted racial bias, cultural misperceptions, and the repercussions of Adela’s accusation. These factors highlight the complex interplay between the British colonizers and the native Indians, leading to a disastrous event that underscores the wider theme of colonialism and its impact on human relationships.

Racial Prejudice: এখানে বলা হয়েছে ব্রিটিশরা ইন্ডিয়ানদের সাথে মিশতে চায় না। কারণ তারা জাতিগতভাবে ইন্ডিয়ানদের চেয়ে উঁচু।

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Cultural Misunderstanding: ডক্টর আজিজ মনে করেছিল তাকে বন্ধুত্বসূলভ দৃষ্টিকোণ থেকে ইনভাইট করা হয়েছে। কিন্তু তাকে নিয়ে মজা করার জন্যই মূলত তাকে ইনভাইট করা হয়েছিল।
Traumatic Encounter in the Marabar: মারাবার গুহায় অ্যাডেলা এর সাথে যা হয়েছে, তার কারণে মূলত এই পার্টিতে প্রভাব পড়েছিল।

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