Write a Letter to Your Friend Informing Him about the Role of AI. 

Write a letter to your friend informing him about the role of AI. 

Dear Razib,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and in high spirits. It’s been a while since we met up. I have a lot of things to share with you but can not go there. So, I am writing this letter. Recently, I have developed some interest and ideas in artificial intelligence, which means AI. I’m eager to share some exciting insights into this topic. 

You know that AI is a rapidly developing field all over the world. It even makes revolutionary changes in our daily life. In simple language, AI refers to developing computerized systems that can perform tasks but require human intelligence. The applications of AI are diverse across industries, making it a truly fascinating and transformative technology.

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ইউটিউবে ভিডিও লেকচার দেখুনঃ

AI’s most important and primary task is to make an automotive system of a repetitive task. For example, in industries like manufacturing, AI-powered robots can handle routine and difficult tasks, improving efficiency and workplace safety.

AI plays a crucial role in diagnosing diseases and recommending treatment plans in healthcare. Machine learning algorithms analyze extensive medical data to identify patterns and trends. This analysis assists healthcare professionals in making more accurate and timely decisions.

In finance, AI algorithms are employed for fraud detection, risk assessment, and portfolio management. These applications help financial institutions operate more securely and make informed investment decisions.

Social media platforms and online services use AI for personalized recommendations. Whether it’s suggesting products, movies, or music, AI algorithms analyze user behavior to provide tailored content, enhancing user experience.

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AI is not just technological progress; it’s a paradigm shift reshaping how we live and work. As we move forward, we need to stay informed and engaged with the developments in this field.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on AI and whether it has impacted your life or work. Let’s plan to dig deeper into this fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence.

Take care, and looking forward to our next conversation.

Your loving brother


Riya Akter
Riya Akter
Hey, This is Riya Akter Setu, B.A (Hons) & M.A in English from National University.


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