Write a Short Note on ‘Apartheid’.(বাংলায়)

Question: Write a short note on ‘Apartheid’.

Apartheid was a South African political system that aimed to separate different classes of people. This system existed from 1948 to 1994 and differentiated people as white and non-white based on their skin. Here are several key features to understand the term apartheid.

Separation of Races: Apartheid intended to keep different racial groups separated, particularly Blacks, Coloureds (mixed-race persons), Indians, and Whites. They were compelled to live in distinct neighbourhoods, attend different schools, and even use public facilities such as buses and restrooms

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Laws and Regulations: The government implemented legislation that favoured individuals of ethnicity while discriminating against others. These “apartheid laws “deprived non-White individuals of rights such as voting, land ownership and certain job opportunities.

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Nelson Mandela: Nelson Mandela pioneered the struggle against the apartheid system. He emerged as a leader advocating for equality and justice. Despite enduring 27 years of imprisonment for his convictions, he eventually became South Africa’s President in 1994 following the abolition of apartheid.

End of Apartheid: During the 1990s, the African government recognized the issues caused by apartheid. They released Nelson Mandela from incarceration. Initiated a series of changes. In 1994 South Africa witnessed its election that allowed individuals from all backgrounds to participate in voting. As a result, Nelson Mandela assumed the presidency, marking the conclusion of apartheid.

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To summarize, apartheid was a dark phase in African history during which segregation and inequality were profoundly built into society. The struggle against apartheid demonstrated the determination of individuals to strive for equality and justice, and its end marked a huge step toward a more inclusive and equitable future.

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