19th Century Novel Brief Suggestion

19th Century Novel Brief Suggestion

Part – A (Brief Suggestions & Solutions)

1. What is Netherfield Park?

Ans: Bingley’s rented estate.

2. What is Prince?

ইউটিউবে ভিডিও লেকচার দেখুনঃ

Ans: Prince is the name of the old horse belonged to the Durbeyfield family.

3. Who is Sorrow?

Ans: Sorrow is Tess’s son.

4. What two cities are mentioned in A Tale of Two Cities?

Ans: London and Paris are mentioned in A Tale of Cities.

5. Who are the two persons who look alike in A Tale of Two Cities?

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Ans: Carton and Darnay.

6. How many years did Jane Eyre pass at Lowood School?

Ans: Jane spent eight years at London School. 

7. Who represents Pride in Pride and Prejudice?

Ans: Darcy.

8. How did Jane try to Extinguish the fire?

Ans: She brings a basin of water and tries to extinguish the fire by throwing the water over it.

9. What kind of lady was Mrs. Reed?

Ans: Mrs. Red is a cruel woman.

10. What is the name of Tess Village?

Ans: The name of Tess village is Marlott.

11. How did Tess die?

Ans: She was hanged as a punishment for murder.

12. Who is Sydney Carton?

Ans: Sidney Carton is an assistant of Stryver.

13. Who is Charlotte Lucas?

Ans: Charlotte Lucas is the eldest daughter in the Lucas family.

14. How many sisters are there in Darcy’s family?

Ans: One sister.

15. In which school did Jane receive her education?

Ans: In Lowood School.

আরো পড়ুনঃ Hardy’s Pessimistic View is Evident in Tess of the D’Urbervilles (বাংলায়)

16. Where does Tess fall in love with Angel?

Ans: Tess falls in loves with Angel at the Talbothays Dairy

17. What is the red room in Jane Eyre?

Ans: The red room is the frightening chamber in which Mr. Reed died.

18. How many daughters did the Bennet family have?

Ans: Mr. and Mrs. Bennet had five daughters.

19. What kind of novel is A Tale of Cities?

Ans: Historical Novel.

20. What happened in Paris on July 14, 1789?

Ans: On July 14, 1789, the revolutionaries attacked the Bastille.

21. Why did Tess murder Alec?

Ans: Alec has deceived her and torn her life to pieces, so she killed him.

22. What is the name of Darcy’s estate?

Ans: Pemberley.

23. Why was Tess hanged to death?

Ans: Tess was hanged to death for murdering Alec.

24. What is Saint Antoine?

Ans: It is the suburb of Paris where the Defarges live. Its residents are extremely poor.

26. Who is the protagonist of Pride and Prejudice?

Ans: Elizabeth Bennet.

27. What is entailment?

Ans: Entailment is a legal term that means a property is bequeathed to a given person (in this case, a male heir).

28. What is Tribunal?

Ans: It is the court that hears the cases of prisoners. It was very corrupt as most trials are shams.

29. What is Bedlam?

Ans: It is a notorious asylum.

30. Who is Celine Varens?

Ans: Celine Varens is a French opera dancer.

31. What does the Cross- in -Hand signify?

Ans: It is an object of oil omen.

32. what is a Pilot?

Ans: Pilot is Mr. Rochester’s faithful dog.

33. Write the first line of the novel Pride and Prejudice?

Ans: “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

34. How many daughters are there in the Bennet family?

Ans: There are five daughters. They are Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine, and Lydia.

আরো পড়ুনঃ Hardy’s Pessimistic View is Evident in Tess of the D’Urbervilles (বাংলায়)

35. What is guillotine?

Ans. Guillotine, instrument for inflicting capital punishment by decapitation, introduced in France in 1792.

39. What is the subtitle of Tess of the D’Urbervilles?

Ans. “A Pure Woman Faithfully Presented.”

41. What was the slogan of the French Revolution?

Ans. The slogan of the French Revolution was “liberty, equality, fraternity, or death.”

42. What is the relationship between Tess and sorrow?

Ans. Tess is the mother of sorrow. So, there is the mother-son relationship between them.

43. Why does Tess write a letter to Angel Clare before the marriage ceremony?

Ans. Tess writes a confessional letter to Angel, telling him of the past and slips it under his door.

44. Where does the Bennet family live?

Ans. The Bennet family lives in the village of Longbourn, lying about a mile outside the small country town of Meryton.

45. Why was Sorrow named so?

Ans. Sorrow is named so to represent the aftermath of Tess’s sin.

46. Who is Mrs. Bennet?

Ans. Mrs. Bennet is the match-making mother of five marriageable daughters.

47. Why did John give Jane a blow?

Ans. He gave her a blow and said that this was her punishment for speaking in an insolent manner to his mother and for her habit of hiding behind the curtains.

48. Why is Jane imprisoned in the red room?

Ans: After a fight with her cousin, John Reed, Jane is imprisoned in the red-room as a punishment.

49. How does Jane save Rochester’s life?

Ans. Jane saves Rochester’s life by bed with water and Mr. Rochester takes her hand and thanks her for saving his life.

50. What are heirlooms?

Ans: Heirlooms are the ornaments that are passed from generation to generation in an aristocratic family.

51. Who runs Lowood School in the novel Jane Eyre?

Ans: Mr. Brocklehurst.

53. Which class does Mr. Collins represent?

Ans: Mr. Collins represents the working class.

54. Who was Tess’ father?

Ans: Jack D’Urbeyfield was the father of Tess.

55. Who was the natural father of Tess’ child?

Ans: Alec D’Urbervilles was the natural father of Tess’ child.

56. Who was Mr. Rochester’s first wife?

Ans: Bertha was Mr. Rochester’s first wife.

57. Who was Madame Defarge in the novel A Tale of Two Cities?

Ans: Madame Defarge was the wife of Earnest Defarge. She was a cruel, embittered, and vengeful woman.

58. What is Meryton?

Ans: Meryton is the name of a town in Hertfordshire.

59. How old is Lydia?

Ans: Lydia is 15 years old.

60. Who is Gaspard?

Ans: Gaspard is the father of the child run over by the Marquis’ carriage.

61. Who is Gabelle?

Ans: He is the chateau’s tax collector, postmaster, and caretaker.

62. Who is Barsad?

Ans: John Barsad is Miss Pross’ brother.

63. Who kills the Marquis?

Ans: Gaspard kills Marquis.

আরো পড়ুনঃ How Did Darcy Declare His Love for Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice? (বাংলায়)

64. Who is Silenus?

Ans: Silenus (also spelt Silenos) is a rustic god of the forest, drunkenness and wine-making in Greek mythology.

66. Who is the Jackal?

Ans: Sydney Carton

66. How did Helen Barnes die?

Ans: Helen Barnes died of consumption at last.

67. What was Dicken’s pseudonym?

Ans: Boz was Dickens’s pseudonym.

71. Who is the owner of Thronefield Manor?

Ans: Mr. Rochester is the owner of Thornfield.

72. Who is Lydia?

Ans: Lydia Bennet is the youngest daughter of the Bennets.

73. What is the name of the house of Mr. Reed?

Ans: Gateshead Hall.

74. What is the significance of Madam Defarge’s knitting in A Tale of Two Cities?

Ans: Her knitting is symbolic of maintaining a register of the names of people who are to be punished for oppressing the masses.

75. What was the original title of the novel Pride and Prejudice?

Ans: First impressions.

76. What is the bank’s name mentioned in A Tale of Two Cities?

Ans: Tellson’s bank.

77. Who is Parson Tringham?

Ans: He is a clergyman in Marlott.

78. How old is Jane?

Ans: 22

79. What is the pseudonym name of Charlotte Bronte?

Ans: Currer Bell

80. Where is the village of Marlott situated?

Ans: in the “Vale of Blakemore or Blackmoor”.

81. Why is Miss Bingley jealous?

Ans: Because she knows that Mr. Darcy likes Elizabeth and Miss Bingley herself likes Mr. Darcy.

82. Who is Lucie Manette?

Ans: The daughter of a shoemaker, Dr. Manette.

83. Who is Liza Lu?

Ans: the second Durbeyfield child.

84. What is the full name of Rochester?

Ans: Edward Rochester.

85. Who is the king of France in the time of the French Revolution?

Ans: King Louis XVI.

86. Why did Wickham agree to marry Lydia?

Ans: Because Wickham was paid to marry her.

87. Why was Jane afraid of the Red Room?

Ans: Jane is terrified of being left in the red room because it is supposedly haunted by the ghost of her dead uncle.

88. How was Prince killed?

Ans: Prince the rural horse is gored to death by a modern mail cart.

89. What is the significance of lion and Jackal?

Ans: The lions also symbolize strength, authority, and dominance, reflecting the oppressive rule of the monarchy during the time of the French Revolution. The jackals represent the revolutionary forces and the vengeful spirit of the oppressed masses.

90. Who is Joan Durbeyfield?

Ans: Mother of Tess.

91. Who is Helen Burns?

Ans: Helen Burns is Jane’s friend at Lowood School.

92. How did Jane save Mr. Rochester’s life?

Ans: She douses the bed with water, saving Rochester’s life.

93. Who destroyed Mr. Manette’s shoemaking tools?

Ans: Mr. Lorry and Miss Pross.

আরো পড়ুনঃ

94. What is the Chateau?

Ans: In A Tale of Two Cities, the ‘chauteau’ is the home of the Monseigneur.

95. Who is Jane’s pupil at Thornfield?

Ans: Adèle Varens.


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