Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama Brief Suggestion NU 3rd year 2018-19

  1. What is the full title of Doctor Faustus?
    Ans. The Tragical History of the life and death of Doctor Faustus.
  2. In which field of learnings did Doctor Faustus obtain the doctorate degree?
    Ans. Theology.
  3. What is Inverness?
    Ans. The name of Macbet’s castle.
  4. What is Macbeth’s tragic flaw?
    Ans high ambition
  5. Who are the legacy hunters in Volpone?
    Ans. Voltore, Corbaccio, Corvino and Lady Politic Would-be.
  6. Who is the blazing star of Italy?
    Ans. Celia.
  7. What is the sub-title of the play Volpone?
    Ans. The Fox.
  8. Mention the literary period of John Webster.
    Ans. Jacobean Period.
  9. Why did Bosola give some apricots to the Duchess?
    Ans. To be sure about her pregnancy.
  10. Why does Faustus decide to practice necromancy?
    Ans. In order to gain superhuman power.
  11. What is soliloquy?
    Ans. Character’s talking to himself that works for self-revelation.
  12. Who is Hecate?
    Ans. Goddess of witchcraft.
  13. Who rescues Celia from Volpone?
    Ans. Bonario.
  14. How does Julia die in the “The Duchess of Malfi”?
    Ans. Julia dies at the Cardinal’s hands from a poisoned Bible.
  15. How do the madmen torture the Duchess?
    Ans. By singing and dialoguing.
  16. Why does Bosola stab Antonio?
    Ans. Bosola wants to kill the Cardinal but mistakenly he stabs Antonio.
  17. What is renaissance?
    Ans. Revival of intellectual learning.
  18. How do the weird sisters look like?
    Ans. Like old and shrunken women with very wild clothes.
  19. Who is Helen?
    Ans. Wife of Menelaus, King of Sparta.
  20. What reasons or conditions do Ferdinand and The Cardinal put forth against the second marriage of Duchess?
    Ans. Three reasons: she is a widow; she is of a royal blood and has a duty to her rank and the second marriage expresses a lecherous nature.
  21. Who is Lucifer?
    Ans. Satan’s proper name.
  22. Who does motley fool mean?
    Ans. A fool who wears multicolored clothes.
  23. Why is The Duchess of Malfi called a decadent play?
    Ans. Because of decay, ruins, death, and despair.
  24. Who is the peerless dame of Greece?
    Ans. Helen.
  25. What is the Trinity?
    Ans. The union of Father, Son and Holy Spirit in one God.
  26. What figure of speech do you find in Fair is foul, and foul is fair?
    Ans. Paradoxical statement or Chiasmus that indicates the reversal of values.
  27. Whom does Macduff kill?
    Ans. Macbeth.
  28. Who is Bosola?
    Ans. Antagonist of the play “The Duchess of Malfi”.
  29. What are the seven deadly sins?
    Ans. Pride, Covetous, Wrath, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth and Lechery.
  30. Who is Macbeth?
    Ans. The evil king of Scotland.
  31. Who are the three witches?
    Black and midnight hags who influence Macbeth in a great scale for wrongdoing.
  32. Who was the Duke of Calabia?
    Ans. Ferdinad.
  33. What three things does Macbeth learn from the witches and apparitions?
    Ans. Three things: he should fear Macduff, he should not fear any man born of a woman and nothing will affect his reign until Birnam wood moves.
  34. What is Ancona?
    Ans. Ancona is a city state in Italy.
  35. what did Lady Macbeth say in her sleepwalking?
    Ans. About the death of Duncan, Macduff’s wife and Banquo.
  36. How did Cardinal and Ferdinand not want their sister to get married with Antonio?
    Ans. To grasp the wealth of The Duchess.
  37. Who is Christopher Marlowe?
    Ans. Pre-Shakespearean Elizabethan dramatist.
  38. What is tragedy?
    Ans. Representation of better type of people with unhappy ending.
  39. Name the two agents of Satan in Doctor Faustus.
    Ans. Mephistophelis and Lucifer.
  40. What is a beast fable?
    Ans. A play in which animals and birds speak and behave like human beings.
  41. Who is Duncan?
    Ans. King of Scotland.
  42. What is necromancy?
    Ans. Black art or magic
  43. Who wants to be Paris?
    Ans. Doctor Faustus.
  44. How did Volpone earn his wealth?
    Ans. By cunning robbing from legacy hunters.
  45. What kind of man is Bosola?
    Ans. Lustful, greedy, proud and spiteful man.
  46. What is apricot?
    Ans. A sort of sour fruit.
  47. Why does Macbeth want to kill Banquo and Fleance?
    Ans. To make his power permanent.
  48. What is the name of Corbaccios son in Volpone?
    Ans. Bonario.
  49. In which university did Doctor Faustus study?
    Wittenberg University.


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