Literary Term Romance

Literary Term Romance

Romance in literature is a genre characterized by stories that often focus on love, passion, and emotional relationships between characters. It doesn’t just contain stories about romantic love and includes themes of adventure, chivalry, heroism, and, often, a happy or hopeful ending. Sir Thomas Mollory’s Morte d’ Arthur is an iconic romance in prose. Sir Gawains and the Greek Knight is a famous romance in verse.  Here are the key features of Romance: 

  • Idealized Love: Romance often portrays idealized and passionate love, often involving a hero and a heroine. This love is portrayed as powerful, transformative, and enduring.

  • Adventure and Quests: Romantic literature frequently involves adventurous quests, journeys, or challenges that characters must overcome to achieve their desires or love.

  • Chivalry and Heroism: Influenced by medieval tales, romance often features chivalrous heroes who display courage, honour, and noble virtues in their pursuit of love or in their ambitions.

  • Supernatural Elements: Some romances incorporate elements of supernatural or magical occurrences, such as magic, witchcraft, or mythical creatures.

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  • Unfamiliar Settings: Settings of romance usually become unknown locations or fictional realms that add to the sense of adventure and mystery.

  • Emotional Intensity: Romance highlights intense emotions and passion. Romance often explores themes of hope, desire, and sacrifice.

  • Conflict and Obstacles: Whether external (like societal barriers, villains, or quests) or internal (like personal conflicts and dilemmas), obstacles and conflicts frequently drive the plot, adding drama and tension.

  • Happy Endings: Traditionally, romance concludes with a satisfying solution where love conquests and the characters find happiness or fulfilment together.

  • Symbolism and Allegory: Romantic literature often uses symbolic elements and allegory to convey deeper meanings or truths about love, life, and human nature.

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  • Poetic Language and Imagery: Romance is often associated with lyrical, poetic language that promotes the narrative’s emotional impact and creates vivid imagery.


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