Modern Novel Previous Year Questions 2016

Modern Novel Previous Year Questions 2016


ENGLISH                                               মাফা-১২/২০১৬

[According to the Syllabus of 2013-2014]

Subject Code: 311109

ইউটিউবে ভিডিও লেকচার দেখুনঃ

(Modern Novel)

Time-4 hours Full marks-80

Part A

(Answer any ten questions)



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a)Why does Piggy teach Ralph to blow the conch shell?

Ans. So that he can assemble them.

b) Which prize does Hamingway win for his master prize “The Old Man and the Sea”?

Ans. Pulitzer Prize in 1953.

c) What is ‘existentialism”?

Ans. A philosophical concept according to which man’s existence precedes his presence that the body is more important than the soul.

d) When does Dimmesdale feel greatly relieved?

Ans. When Haster refuses to reveal the name of her child’s father.

আরো পড়ুনঃ Consider Auden as an Anti-Romantic Poet

e) How does the novel ‘Nausea’ open?

Ans. It opens with an ‘Editor’s Note’ claiming that the following pages,presented in a diary format, were found among the papers of Antoine Roquentin.

f) Why is Henry Ford an idol of the World State?

Ans. Because during the 1900s, Ford was famous for his technical advances in industrial production.

g) Why does Hester prefer to accept her fate?

Ans. In order to admit the validity of the Puritan ethics and to protect her lover.

h) How does Santiago kill the Mako shark?

Ans. He hits the Mako shark with his harpoon in just the right place,and the shark taking the harpoon with him,sinks out of sight.

i.) Which devil in the Bible does the title Lord of the Flies’ refer to?

Ans. A literal translation of the word Beelzebub,the name of a devil in the Bible.

j) How do the town’s people interpret the meteor in the sky?

Ans. In the shape of “A” symbolizing “Angel” for the taking into heaven of Governor Winthrop.

k.)How does Mustofa Mond begin his lecture to the students?

Ans. With a reference to Ford’s famous statement that “history is bunk”. 

l) What, according to Sarte,is the cause of self-deception?

Ans. An individual’s inability to cope with his absolute freedom.


Answer any five questions


আরো পড়ুনঃ Discuss Whitman’s Treatment of “Self” and “Democracy.”

2. What is the significance of ‘Fire’ in ‘Lord of the Flies'”? 

3. What do the lions which Santiago dreams of signify?

4. Trace out the role and significance of Pearl in ‘The Scarlet Letter’. 

5. What is the importance of Soma in ‘The Brave New World’?

6. Describe the brief happy moments of Dimmesdale and Hester Prynne spent in the forest.

7. When does an epiphany occur to Roquentin in ‘Nausea’? 

8. Explain with reference to context: “But man is not made for defeat’, he said, “A man can be destroyed but not defeated”. 

9. Write short notes on any one of the following: i) Fordism, ii) Piggy 


Answer any five questions:


10. Is Hester Prynne’s tragedy a tragedy of fate or circumstance?

11. Discuss the significance of mock-hunts in ‘Lord of the Flies’.

12. What is a code hero? Would you call Santiago a Hemingway code hero? 

13. Do you consider Brave New World to be a dystopia? 

আরো পড়ুনঃ Evaluate Robert Frost as a poet of Nature.

14. Critically analyse the character of Antoine Roquentin in ‘Nausea’. 

15. Bring out the dramatic significance of the scaffold scenes in ‘The Scarlet Letter’. 

16. Justify the title of the novel, ‘Lord of the Flies’. 

17. Trace out the major symbols in ‘The Old Man and the Sea’. 

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