Preposition at a Glance

Preposition at a Glance

  1. Above – The bird flew above the clouds. (higher than) 
  2. Across – She walked across the street. (from one side to the other) 
  3. After – We’ll have dessert after dinner. (following in time or order) 
  4. Against – He leaned against the wall. (in opposition or contact with) 
  5. Along – They strolled along the beach. (beside or parallel to) 
  6. Among – There was laughter among the crowd. (in the middle of) 
  7. Around – He looked around the room. (in a circle or surrounding) 
  8. At – They met at the park. (a specific location) 
  9. Before – She arrived before noon. (earlier than) 
  10. Behind – The car is behind the house. (at the back of) 
  11. Below – The treasure is buried below the surface. (lower than) 
  12. Beneath – The fish swim beneath the surface. (underneath) 
  13. Beside – She sat beside her friend. (next to) 
  14. Between – The book is between the two shelves. (in the middle of two things) 
  15. Beyond – His knowledge goes beyond the textbook. (further than) 
  16. By – The cake was made by my sister. (near or beside) 
  17. Despite – She succeeded despite the challenges. (in spite of) 
  18. During – The alarm rang during the class. (throughout a period of time) 
  19. For – He bought flowers for his mother. (to benefit someone) 
  20. From – I received a letter from my friend. (originating source) 
  21. In – They are in the house. (inside) 
  22. Inside – The keys are inside the drawer. (within a space) 
  23. Into – She jumped into the pool. (movement towards the inside) 
  24. Near – The grocery store is near the mall. (close to) 
  25. Of – The coat is made of wool. (possessive or material) 
  26. Off – The cat jumped off the table. (movement away from) 
  27. On – The book is on the table. (surface or position) 
  28. Onto – She climbed onto the roof. (movement to a surface) 
  29. Out – The cat went out the door. (outside) 
  30. Outside – They are playing outside. (exterior location) 
  31. Over – The plane flew over the mountains. (above and across) 
  32. Through – She walked through the forest. (into one side and out the other) 
  33. Throughout – They sang throughout the concert. (in every part of) 
  34. To – We’re going to the park. (destination) 
  35. Toward(s) – He walked towards the store. (in the direction of) 
  36. Under – The cat is under the table. (beneath) 
  37. Underneath – The treasure is buried underneath the sand. (below or beneath) 
  38. Until – They played games until midnight. (up to a specific time) 
  39. Up – She climbed up the stairs. (towards a higher position) 
  40. Upon – The cat jumped upon the bed. (on or onto) 
  41. With – She went with her friends. (accompanying) 
  42. Within – The keys are within the box. (inside of) 
  43. Without – He went out without his coat. (absence of) 

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