Problem Paragraph

Problem: সমস্যা

List of Paragraph: Food Adulteration, Drug addiction, Smoking, Hartal Day, Traffic jams, Environmental pollution, Acid throwing, Terrorism, Copping in the examination, Dengue, Dowry, Water pollution, Road accident, Price hike/Spiral, Deforestation, Load shedding, Eve Teasing, Street accident

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যে কোন সমস্যামুলক paragraph আসলে এটা লিখলেই চলবে।

Bangladesh is a very small country. There are many problems in our country. Some of them are big and some of them are small. Some of them are preventable and some of them are unpreventable. It may be different only, such as food problems, Flood problems, population problems, dowry problems, and so on. (NP= Name of Paragraph) is one of them. (NP) is a great problem in our country. It is our created problem. There are various causes for this. Firstly, most of the people of our country are uneducated; secondly, we are usually backward. Thirdly, our government is also responsible for this vital problem. Fourthly, we are not economically self-sufficient. Finally, it is our political unrest that is responsible for this problem. But this problem is not out of solution. It can be solved if we try. Proper steps should be taken to solve this. A government or a man can not solve (NP) by himself. So we should all work hard to solve this problem. It is not only our national problem but also a worldwide problem. We can easily realize its effect of it. We hope that we will be able to overcome (NP) in the days to solve.

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Riya Akter
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