Report on Devastating Fire in Multiplan Centre

Yesterday, a devastating fire broke out in the Multiplan Centre at Elephant Road in Dhaka. Make a report on it.

Devastating Fire in Multiplan Centre

Imtiaz, Dhaka, 21 April 2023: A devastating fire broke out on the second floor of Multiplan Centre at Elephant Road in Dhaka yesterday at around 10 am. A huge quantity of electronic and computer accessories was damaged on that floor.

The fire lasted for almost two hours. Soon, 12 firefighting units rushed to the spot and put out the flame at Multiplan Centre. The second floor mainly sells electronic and computer goods. Fire officials suspected that the fire originated from the restaurant on the second floor, where the employees used to cook using a kerosene burner. 

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However, no human casualties were reported, and damages could not be estimated instantly as most shopping centre shops were closed. One man was trapped on the second floor, and 25 people took shelter on the roof. The firefighting units rescued the trapped man. Transport movement on the road in front of the building was suspended for around two hours.

The deputy director of Fire Service and Civil Defence, Dhaka, said that a restaurant and computer accessories shop were totally damaged. Electric cables in the building were burnt, which produced huge amounts of smoke and heat. He added that a three-member committee was formed to find the source of the fire.

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Riya Akter
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