Traffic Congestion in Dhaka City

Traffic Congestion in Dhaka City ✪✪✪

[6th NTRCA, 2010]

Traffic congestion in Dhaka City is a big problem. Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh, and it’s very crowded. Many people live here, and many vehicles are on the roads. Because of this, the streets get very jammed, especially during rush hours in the morning and evening. Cars, buses, rickshaws, and motorcycles crowd the streets, making it hard for people to move. Sometimes, it can take hours to travel short distances. This traffic jam causes a lot of problems for people. It makes them late for work, school, or appointments. The students, office-goers, and patients in the ambulance are the worth sufferers. Traffic congestion also creates pollution because vehicles stay stuck in one place for a long time, releasing harmful gases. The government is trying to solve this problem by building more roads and flyovers and encouraging people to use public transport. Metro Rail is a significant step in reducing traffic congestion in Dhaka city. However, the problem persists because there are still too many vehicles and too few roads. People in Dhaka hope that someday, they will find a better solution to this challenging issue.

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Riya Akter
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