Unemployment Problem

Unemployment Problem ✪✪✪

[5th NTRCA, 2009]

The issue of unemployment poses a significant challenge in Bangladesh, arising from various causes. Overpopulation is the primary factor, overwhelming the country’s capacity to generate sufficient job opportunities. Despite plentiful natural resources, their underutilization worsens the problem—the limited number of mills and factories and their closure due to economic losses further mix unemployment. Moreover, a large segment of the population must be more literate and skilled, hindering their participation in productive activities. The educational system’s flaws and lack of training in national and vocational fields contribute to this dilemma. Furthermore, the unequal distribution of national wealth eternalizes the issue. Again, some people’s attitudes are also responsible for this problem. They expect a higher position in the job sector after completing the study. They do not want to do something other than creative or business. They always look after jobs in companies. However, they do not get frustrated. Several measures can be undertaken to address this pressing issue, such as Comprehensive education for all, initiatives to establish more mills and factories to create job opportunities, and vocational training within the education system to provide individuals with practical skills. Government initiatives are essential to implementing extensive programs to achieve an unemployment-free Bangladesh. We can only defeat this situation by taking appropriate steps. 

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Riya Akter
Riya Akter
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